What you need to know about laser tattoo removal

Written by Nigel Simpkins

While getting a tattoo is a great way to express yourself and show off your inner creativity, you might find that your creative tastes have changed as you’ve gotten older. Maybe the reason that you got your tattoo is no longer special to you or maybe you’ve simply decided that it’s time for a change. Whatever your reasoning, going through the tattoo removal process in Ohio is relatively easy, but you should know a couple of things before you start the process.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Although the tattoo removal process has a reputation for being painful, this was due to the kind of lasers that were used in the past and so the process was looked down upon by most. Luckily now tattoo removal lasers are a totally different kind and are far less painful. Although they’re stronger than they were previously, these lasers now penetrate the skin more so your top layer of epidermis won’t feel the effect of the lasers as much. Now laser tattoo removal hurts about the same amount that you experienced while you were receiving your tattoo in the first place.

Will It Leave A Scar?

In the past, laser tattoo removal could cause odd pigmentation on your skin because the lasers were not strong enough to fully penetrate and break up the ink of the tattoo. Now you can get your tattoo removed more quickly and the lasers are far less likely to leave any kind of scarring or pigmentation changes because they are able to break up the ink of the tattoo more easily. Over time, your skin will naturally absorb the ink of the tattoo itself.

For more information about if your tattoo will leave a scar, you can look at some of the safety tips on

How Long Does The Tattoo Removal Process Take?

How long the whole tattoo removal process takes depends on multiple factors. One of the main factors is whether or not your tattoo was in black or it’s multicolored. Black tattoos are easier to remove than multicolored tattoos because the black tattoos tend to stand out more against your natural skin tone. This makes it easier for the laser to pick up the tattoo ink in your skin and break up the underlying ink.

If you’re someone who has a colored tattoo, especially if it’s lighter colored, then it could be more difficult for the laser to detect the tattoo for the ink to be broken up and the process could require a couple of additional sessions.

Another factor that affects how long it will take for your tattoo removal is the overall size of the tattoo. Obviously larger tattoos will take longer to be removed and will require multiple sessions. Regardless of the size of your tattoo though, it will still take at least five sessions for the whole tattoo to be removed. The lasers are only able to break up so much of the ink per session, so your skin will need time between each session to absorb the ink.