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Why you should get a magazine subscription right now

Written by Nigel Simpkins

With the current coronavirus pandemic there’s never been a better time to get a magazine subscription. Right now, many Americans are spending more time at home than ever, so having a magazine show up on your doorstep quickly can be a nice way to treat yourself and break up the monotony of day-to-day activities.

During your extra time at home, some magazines could include leisurely reading, inspiration or helpful tips. Still other kinds of magazines could help you with do it yourself projects or could give you a new goal to try out your crafting skills.

Picking The Right Magazine Subscription For You.

While a magazine subscription does take a small monthly investment, if you choose the right type of magazine for you and your lifestyle, then the rewards that you can receive from this subscription are endless.

You can get paper copies of magazines, or if you prefer to not use a lot of paper, then most magazine subscriptions also allow you further access to additional articles on their website.

Website subscriptions will also include additional features such as videos or pictures that couldn’t even be included in the print edition.

Get Your Kids A Magazine Subscription

There are also a lot of great magazines for your kids if you’re looking for new activities to do with them or there are magazines that are educational about animals, crafts, or dinosaurs. The possibilities for children’s magazines are endless and can encourage them to read and learn new things.

Magazine Subscriptions Are A Way To Connect With Friends

If you’re looking for a new way to connect with friends over conference calls, consider suggesting to your friends that everyone gets a magazine subscription to the same magazine. This would work a lot like a book club; however your friends and you would have similar projects, hobbies, or interests to discuss instead of a single book. If you’re into crafts, then getting a crafting magazine would also give you and your friends the chance to show off your latest creation.

While reading magazines might seem like a old fashion past time, magazines still have a lot of relevant information. Editors are always looking to pass on new information for people who have an interest in their specific hobby or niche. Magazines subscriptions can help you pass the time if you’re someone who travels a lot by subway or airplane since you won’t always have access to the Wifi.

Be sure to know how avid of a reader you are. If you’re a slow reader, don’t get a magazine subscription where you’ll be getting a new copy every two weeks. Instead get a subscription where you’ll get a magazine once a month so you won’t get tired with them. Also, make sure you pick a topic you’re truly interested in so you won’t be bored!

If you’re interested in gaining a magazine subscription, check out a wide range of options below!

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