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Kettle’s printed, student magazine is written by student journalists from around the UK. In addition to the incredible content that Kettle produces online, we also create a printed student magazine. The magazine is published every quarter and contains content that you won’t find online.

Kettle Magazine Autumn 2019

This edition is packed with all kinds of fabulous articles, including:

  • Disinformation in Hong Kong
  • INTERVIEW: The Guardian’s Gary Younge
  • When reading gets competitive
  • Universal Basic Income – the magic bullet?
  • Christians against Christian nationalism
  • Youth & climate change
  • INTERVIEW: Sam Peckett, Co-Editor of aAh! Magazine
  • Where are they now – former kettle editor, Andrew Musgrove

And for journalism students we have:

  • How to be a journalist and an introvert
  • How I got into journalism (and how you can too)
  • How to study whilst working
  • Being politically aware as a journalist
  • ADVICE PAGE: Tips from our panel of experts
  • Reporting on Islam
  • Working for an outlet you disagree with?…and soooo much more besides.

Order your copy now and a lovely postal worker will schloop it onto your front door mat in a few days time :o)


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