About Us


Perhaps you are here because you have found an article that you enjoyed reading and you want to learn more about us. Maybe you are here because you are a student and you want to find out how to get your work published. You might be here just here because you want to see what the fuss is about; or then again you could be here for a completely different reason. Whatever the reason, welcome to Kettle

Kettle Mag was launched in 2011 with with the aim of providing students with a flair for writing, a platform upon which to showcase their talents.

Since its launch it has grown to become one of the UK’s best known student publications and boasts several hundred writers from universities across the country. Our goal is to produce insightful, engaging content that not only entertains but also delivers an element of thought-leadership to our readers.

We have a wider range of content than any other student publication, with topics that include: sports, books, media, politics, technology, style, women, music, film, TV, world affairs, social media, travel and much more… Each article published has come about because the writer has found a topic that they are passionate about and on a subject that they feel confident enough to express their opinion.

Every one of our writers has a voice and we work hard to ensure that it is heard. Sometimes we publish more than one article on the same subject, in the same day and these articles might be from different sides of the argument. We do this because everyone’s voice is different and we love voices.

If you want to learn what young British adults are thinking then you have come to the right place.

Our team of writers and editors is made up almost entirely of under and post-graduate (mostly journalism) students. Kettle writers and editors have gone on to write for publications such as: The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, BBC, Time Out, The Times, New York Times, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Conde Nast to name but a few.

Kettle contributors are truly the next generation of journalists, writers and social commentators.