Student journalism

If you are a writer who is looking to get some student journalism action then congratulations, you have come to the right place. Kettle was set up in 2011 with a view to providing students, with a flair for writing, a platform upon which to showcase their talent. Whether you are wordsmith or graced with a voice for radio or even perfect in front of the camera, Kettle is the place for you.

Student journalism

Journalism can be one of the most rewarding careers that anyone can choose, but breaking into it can be hard. It seems employers are demanding more and more from prospective candidates, these days and getting the required experience can often be troublesome. Trying to avoid the unpaid internship thing is tricky and when you do find a place that offers a paid position for a few weeks, there are like a gazillion applications for a handful of places.

So essentially the rewards can be amazing but the cost can be great.

Experience with Kettle

Kettle can help you gain some student journalism experience, as well as help you build a professional portfolio of published work. We ask very little from our contributors, even those that hold editor positions and can offer you the following:

  • A professional portfolio of published work
  • Practical advice on creating engaging content
  • Experience at editing writer’s work and offering critique
  • Experience at managing small teams of like-minded writers
  • Choosing the editorial direction of particular sections of the publication
  • The chance to edit our quarterly magazine

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Don’t take our word for it…

“Kettle’s been great, it felt quality to get my thoughts published whilst training to be a journalist and it’s no doubt helped me get this job.”
Tom Earnshaw, Lancashire Post

“I got the call today telling me I got one of only 12 places on the Press Association’s postgraduate diploma for magazine journalism next year. It’s hugely competitive and over 95% of their applicants get a job within 2 months of graduating. It’s everything I need and the reason I got it was because of my extra work for Kettle, it really impressed them and set me apart from the other candidates.”
Alex Goode, TV Editor, Kettle

“Kettle gave me a great opportunity to expand my portfolio and to learn some much needed tricks of the trade. It is always at the top of my advice list for young writers as Kettle don’t look for experience, they simply look for ideas and a love of the work that you do – and that is what journalism is all about.”
Matt Spencer, Assistant News Editor, 5 news

“Kettle was one of the first publications to take my writing, which is a huge step as a trainee. It gave me the opportunity to find my voice and most importantly Kettle helped build my portfolio at a time when any internship or first job was looking for experience. Kettle is a great way to find your literary niche and also helps build confidence in digital writing, which is essential for student writers and those looking to get into journalism.”
Becky Freeth, MailOnline Showbiz

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to edit and write for Kettle – it was my work for you that made me stand out in the interviews and helped me land the job. What you do is so valuable for both students and graduates.
Hannah Parry, Content writer, TalkTalk


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