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 Writer’s suggestions

Kettle’s editors come up with 5 suggestions each, every Tuesday. The aim of these suggestions is to provide a bit of inspiration to our student journalists.

If you see a suggestion here that you like the look of then please simply write it and upload it to the site.

Remember that these are only suggestions – if you want to write something totally different then please feel to do so :o)



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Rita Cunha

Hello, writers! Happy July—have fun writing about one of these prompts!
Reading from Another POV: What books do you recommend readers who want to see the world from a different point of view? I’m open to pitches of all kinds—political, ethnic, religious, and so on.
Classic Retellings: Over the past years, we’ve seen a lot of classic/epic stories being retold from another point of view. From Circe to The Silence of the Girls, what are some of your favorites/what do you recommend readers to start with?
Summer Readings: Do you reach for “beach reads” (aka fluffy books) during the summer? If so, I’d love to see a piece in favor of this genre!
Book Reviews: Read an awesome book lately? We want to hear more about it! Send in your book reviews—feel free to get creative writing it!
If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears! Send me an email over at with your pitch. 🙂

Amrita Takk

  1. Printed textbooks are being phased out to make way for the digital resources. This is not surprising, but why is this a good business move?
  2. Why business would be unstable under a Boris Johnson administration – a look into his Brexit plan.
  3. The textile industry – the need to look for a more sustainable way to clothe the world.

Lucy Skoulding

Hello writers! I know we really need a shake-up of the culture content so I’ve gone for it in this week’s suggestions:

  1. Best LGBTQ+ couples in fiction – I feel like there’s a lot of lists out there of just ‘best couples’ and so this one has to put the focus on diversity.
  2. Thoughts on the BAFTAs – could be a piece about the whole awards or a reflective piece on one point in particular.
  3. Game of Thrones is coming to an end so what next? A TV series that has been a huge part of many people’s lives for years is ending, so what about an article on how that feels? (I still remember my emptiness when Harry Potter ended).
  4. Doris Day Obituary – The celebrated actress died yesterday, so an obituary of her life
  5. Mental Health & reality TV – you have probably seen that the Jeremy Kyle show has been suspended following the death of a guest right after filming as well as 2 former Love Island contestants committing suicide. While investigations into these 2 particular shows are happening, is there wider problem with reality TV generally that is seriously harming people who go on it, or is what’s happened a tragic coincidence? Discuss.
  6. Listicle: How do you still have fun while revising – a list of all the other things you do during revision periods, no matter how small or normal. Could be go to the gym, cook great food, tidy, read, watch TV, visit friends. It’s nice for others to know it’s ok to take time out.
  7. If you’ve got any questions or you’re having problems, please email me on and please pitch me anything else you fancy writing.
Current Affairs

Alice Marmara

  1. Weekly Debate: There have been a series of extinction rebellions across the UK in an attempt to get the UK to commit to becoming zero carbon by 2025 as opposed to 2050. Do you think this is the most effective method to get people committed to tackling climate change? Or is it just alienating the common people?
  2. Donald Trump’s latest Twitter spat: Trump has come under fire following his latest tweets attacking congresswomen which have been described as ‘racist’. An article looking at the tweets from Trump and the women he has been attacking as well as what you think the repercussions should be.
  3. Pamplona Bull-run: One of the key parts of the San Fermin festival see bulls run through the city to the bull-ring where they are then killed by matadors. An article looking at whether this should end and the argument put forward by animal campaigners.


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F 1

Sam Angell

Poor old Pierre – Not really though, he’s been pretty terrible. How much longer can Gasly last at Red Bull given his current form, can he make it to the end of the season? If not, who is there to replace him?

Silverstone Preview – British GP this weekend, what can we expect? How is the future of Silverstone looking amongst rumours of British GP in London?

Redemption for Honda – Honda power won a race! Not bad for a GP2 engine. Can we expect more wins from RBR? What’s the potential of the RBR-Honda package?

Ferrari – Ferrari’s last race winner is STILL Kimi Räikkönen from COTA last year! How long are we going to have to wait for another win? The power circuits of Spa and Monza?

Best of the Rest – Midfield looking especially spicy, are Mclaren the team to beat? What on earth is wrong with the likes of Renault and Haas? Can they fix it? Also might be worth paying respects to Williams, RIP.



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Katie Williams

Food & Drink

Sophie Tuckwood

  1. BAKE OFF VS BAKE OFF PROFESSIONALS: Bake Off: The Professionals has continuously been slated by critics. What is your opinion of it? Why are we so obsessed with Bake Off in general?
  2. FOODIE DESTINATIONS: Now that it’s holiday season, which countries have the best cuisine?
  3. FUSSY EATERS: How do we combat fussy eating? Is fussy eating a first world problem? What are your thoughts?
  4. REGULAR: I love receiving critics of restaurants/cafes/bars, be it serious or silly (think satirical reviews of chain restaurants or something to that effect). I also love hearing about cheap, easy, quick, healthy recipes students can make, so what are your top 3/5/7 breakfasts/lunches/dinners?

Gillen Reid

  1. Ajax – Analysis of their development process.
  2. Who is your Premier League player of the season?
  3. WSL Champions – Season Review
  4. Champions League Final – Preview
  5. What next for Barcelona?

Any other ideas let us know! Happy to help.




  • Brexit – any ideas as to what is going on?
  • Are Labour’s nationalisation plans more sensible than the MSM likes to think?
  • 20 new moons have been discovered around Saturn – why does this planet have so many satellites and how come scientists are still making discoveries?


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  • How to prepare for your dream interview
  • How to deal with PR teams when applying for press accreditation
  • What should you do when your editor asks you to make amendments to your article?
  • As a freelance writer – how to you get onto (and stay) your editor’s radar
  • What you should look out for when applying for an internship

Claudia Mulholland


Kate Relton

  • 20 years of S Club 7
  • New discoveries: have you recently discovered an artist/band who’ve been going for years?
  • Love to Hate: Adele, Ed Sheeran, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones… which universally loved artist do you secretly hate? Convince us why you’re right and the rest of the world is wrong!
  • Musical experiences: what big musical event have you always wanted to see? The Proms, festivals, evensong, opera, live jazz? Try something new and write about your broadening horizons!
  • Live orchestra film screenings: with a rash of these events popping up, particularly in the run up to Christmas, what do you think of adding live music to a film showing? What does it add or detract from the experience?

Ben Kinder



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Sex & Relationships


Porn Block – This would be a really important and interesting topic for someone to cover. What is it and what are the implications? What does it mean for internet censorship? Maybe offer up some alternatives to the porn block and offer your opinion on the matter. Anything around this topic would make for an interesting article!

Reviews– There has been quite a few TV shows about the porn industry recently (mums make porn, porn laid bare), you could write a review about one of these shows.

School sex education – changes to the curriculum mean that love and relationship education is going to be compulsory for primary school children. What do you wish you learnt in school surrounding love/relationships/sex?

Online sex education – A list of the top 5 sex and relationship YouTube channels.

Online dating – Offer some advice about building the best online dating profile. What are some do’s and don’t’s?

Any over ideas feel free to drop me an email at

Social Media




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Student Life

Claudia Cole

Hello writers! This week’s suggestions include the following:

  • How to combat cabin fever – Fun and effective ways students can help keep themselves preoccupied.
  • Productivity tips– Effective tips on how to stay productive from home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Graduates, where has your degree taken you – If you’re a recent graduate, explain what career path your degree has led you down.
  • A day in a life of a student – Share what it is like to study your course at your university.

If you have any other suggestions or in need of some guidance, feel free to get in touch! You can contact me at:


Kate Relton

Comfort over style – apparently 2019 marked the death of the high heel. Opinions, round-up of the best flats for work and play, craziest heels… whatever you’ve got I’d love to read it!

Listicle – hit me with your best lists. Anything in the Fashion/Style/Textile world is fair game!

BTS Interviews – it would be great to hear from the workers behind the scenes of the fashion world – designers, brands, indie retailers, models.

As always I’d love to hear your suggestions for articles so please feel free to email me and tell me your ideas! 

Nathan Olsen

New Guidance for Reporting on Islam: Positive Correction or Protected Status?
Religious Deprivation: Examining Modi’s use of religious holidays to persecute Muslims 
Looking at the continued persecution of Bahai in Iran
Religious Duties: Climate Action Inspired by Faith
Judaism: The Most Progressive Religion? 


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Tayler Finnegan

Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out: the Little Mix star shocked audiences with candid admissions of how online trolling ruined her life. How can this documentary help eradicate the culture of cyberbullying?

Great British Bake Off: mid-series review – who do you think will make the final?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: preview. Take a look at the British queens ahead of the series starting in October

The best new series on Netflix this autumn

5/7 of the best student dramas and sitcoms



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Anushka Suharu

1. El Paso shooting: 

It is no surprise that USA is plagued with mass shootings occurring across the country but what is the cause? President Trump has blamed “videogames” for the attack but people are once again questioning American gun laws. What is stopping America and Trump to take more action against gun crime to protect its citizens and how long will mass shootings continue to be an unfortunate norm? People have further criticised the category of the attack being called “domestic terrorism”, does this add to the problem of racial profiling in Trump’s America with minorities often bearing the rut of negative news stories?

2. India strips disputed Kashmir of special status:

Tensions are rising as India recently stripped Kashmir of its special status- what could this mean for Kashmir and for India? What is behind the change and what will happen to the residents of Kashmir as a result of this change? This is a very long and ongoing dispute for which you may want to research India-Pakistan relations and the significance of Kashmir for both countries.

3. Hong Kong protests: 

Are the protests getting the attention that they warrant and what should the government be doing in response to the ongoing events that don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon? Some context on the protests and the state of Hong Kong would also be useful for this piece.

4. Pro-LGBT advert campaign sparks criticism in Hungary: 

As times are changing, more countries and their people are taking on the LGBT movement but there is no doubt that the LGBT community still faces aversion. Do you think that political parties should be free to express their opinion on these cases or remain unbiased? How will this affect Hungary and its people? Why is this a step forward or backward in Hungary- depending on how you view the campaign and its overall reaction?

5. Visa changes to affect New Zealand residents and refugees:

What are these new changes and how will they affect the residents and refugees? What does the government have to say about them and why have they brought about these changes? What does this mean about international relationships between New Zealand and Australia?