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5 creative and easy ways to make candies fun for Halloween

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Candy and Halloween are synonyms for kids. After all, Halloween is the only occasion when they can demand candies from strangers! If you want to treat the kids knocking at your door on Halloween night and add more fun to their night, you’re at the right place! Let’s find out some creative and easy ways to pack Halloween treats:

Using Googly Eyes

While googly eyes look super cute all around the year, they can easily fall into the Halloween theme when October comes around. Stick some googly eyes directly onto the candy wrappers to make the candy come alive. 

You can also put them on goody bags you have made for Halloween. You can skip drawing the mouth if the goody bags are printed. If they’re plain, you can create a scary mouth to make the package look even more scary and fun!

Repack as Plastic Monsters

There are so many ways to repack candy for Halloween. You can create candy monsters of various shapes and sizes depending on how much time you invest in the activity. You can use everyday objects from toilet paper rolls to bristles of dusters to make the candy monsters come alive. 

However, look for spare plastic containers to make monsters as they are likelier to hold their shape for longer and carry the weight of candies’ weight. 

Use White Napkins to Create Little Spirits

Regular white napkins can be easily used to create the trendy #ghostchallenge for candies. For this idea, choose candies that can stand on their own. Simple drape a white napkin over the candy to see how it should fall. Mark two points for eyes, and using a paper punch, punch the eye. Make the napkin drapes stick to the candy wrapper by using a little bit of glue. Kids are going to love this one!

This idea is the most cost-effective as all it requires is napkins and glue. You can stick to this theme for all the different candies to make ghosts of various heights. You can bulk buy sweets online to save even more money.

Cut Card Paper into Wings or Tentacles

Go with this idea if you love drawing and cutting shapes. You can create as many scary and creepy insects and animals from it as you want. Cut your desired shape and attach it to the candy wrapper with glue. Press for a few seconds to let it dry. You can apply this idea to candy packages of all shapes and sizes. 

Draw or Paint the Monsters 

The easiest and fun way to level up candy for Halloween is to repack it into plain containers and draw or paint the containers. You can get as creative as you want with this tip. If you follow this tip, make sure to keep more Halloween treats than you think you will need. Once the neighbourhood kids see the unique monsters, they will all be knocking on your door! 

Have fun decorating the candy with these tips. However, remember not to make any candy monsters too real. It should turn out to be fun for the kids and not scary!