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The best used smartphones that are worth buying

used smart phone
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Brand-new smartphones have a special kind of appeal and taking one out of the box can be a great feeling. As nice as it may be to unpack a new and completely unused model, there are plenty of great used smartphones that have only been used for a short time. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying used a phone over a brand-new one:

Reasons that speak for buying a used smartphone

Saving money

You can save a considerable amount of money when you choose a used model over a brand-new one. Some people may sell a cell phone that they have only been using for a few months or even weeks. Look out for opportunities to purchase phones from tech-savvy people who like to always get the newest phone models. You may be able to buy a previous model from them and save a ton of money. 

Older phones and tablets can still offer a lot of perks. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note line which first came out in 2011 includes high-quality phone models, such as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 10. Instead of searching through larger stores, find a platform where you can sell galaxy note or trade-in galaxy note phones that offer better prices

More storage for less

If you try to budget for a new smartphone, you may have to compromise on certain features. One of these could be the storage capacity. A slightly older model can offer more storage and even additional benefits such as a pen. 

Better for the environment

Phones produce a huge amount of waste which ends up in landfills. By buying a used phone you are actually doing the environment a service. Building a cell phone also requires the use of valuable resources – often in large amounts. Next to the environmentally impact, many people may be working for extremely low wages or even for free to source these materials or build the newest smartphones. 

The market is saturated enough as it is and not taking advantage of used phones that still work well can be a waste of resources. 

In summary, buying a used phone has a lot of benefits that can allow you to feel just as great when unpacking it.