How to write a killer essay

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

You’ve come across a contest or a scholarship. An essay is needed for the final decision, but writing it is proving to be an uphill task. Essays are a big part of academics and this is why they are revered by many students.

However, there are various steps one can take to split the essay into smaller manageable tasks that will make your life easy.

The following steps will help you come up with a stunning essay in no time.

Select a Suitable Topic

The topic you pick has a great influence on your overall essay. Your instructor can provide the topic or you can be asked to research on a topic of your choice. The latter can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to broad and narrow topics.

However, this gives you the freedom to select a topic that interests you. The first step is to find a purpose for your essay. What is it you want your essay to address?

Once you’ve answered that question, the next step will involve digging for fascinating  free full essay. It could be something around your life. List these ideas down as they flow in your mind.

The last step will be to evaluate these topics. Align them with your purpose and you should be good to go.

Outline your ideas for topic

The organisation of your thoughts is key to the flow and the impact your essay will have. On top of that, it’ll be easier to transfer the ideas you have in your head to the paper. Once you’ve drawn up your outline, you’ll have an easy time setting up a foundation for the essay.

The outline can be in the form of a diagram which shows the flow of ideas and the connection between all the ideas. You can also link the ideas to the main topic, each in a unique way. By doing this, you’ll have a clearer picture of how your essay turns out.

Craft Your thesis statement

After choosing your topic and organizing your thoughts and ideas, the next step will be to write down your thesis statement. The statement will inform the reader what your essay is all about. You can come up with the statement using the main ideas you drew up in the beginning.

The thesis statement will have two segments. The first segment is the main topic while the second is the intention of the essay.

The body of the essay

In the body, each point you listed will be a topic on its own. You will have to explain, describe and argue your point out. Each point will also be listed in the same manner.

In the beginning, you will have to write an introductory sentence to usher the reader into the topic. This is followed by statements supporting the topic including examples that touch on the topic. Make sure the information is correct and stick to the topic as well.

Create an introduction

After writing the body of your thesis, it’s time to come up with a powerful introduction to the essay. The introduction should captivate the reader and immediately draw them in.

You can achieve this by using various techniques such as starting with some statistics, a quote, a story or a dialogue. Regardless of your style, the bottom line should be to arouse the reader’s attention but make sure you stick to the topic.

Create a conclusion

The conclusion of your essay provides closure of the topic while also summing up the ideas in your essay. What’s more, you need to provide your personal perspective on the topic. Often, the conclusion will be about three to five lines.

Go through the essay

After writing your essay, you need to go through it a couple of times to make sure everything is in place. This includes checking the paragraphs to make sure the points fall in perfect order and that they make sense.

Also, make sure you’ve hit the nail on the head by addressing the topic in the best way possible. Finally, check the format and the grammar as well as spelling mistakes. Once you’re satisfied, you can present your paper.

Coming up with a topic for an essay is one problem, organizing the thoughts into a logical paper that addresses the topic is another. With these tips, you are in a better position to come up with a killer essay without having to go through hell.