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Milan + Wenger: The perfect match…?

San Siro Stadium
Written by Gillen

Journalism has suffered over the past few years with the heartless behaviour purely to get an image or a sensationalised storyline, but that’s another subject.

Associazione Calcio Milan recently went through significant turmoil after being the latest acquisition of Chinese businessman Li Yonghong, the cloak and dagger ownership came to an end recently, following his missed payment to investment fund, Elliot management. This subsequently meant that the business now own Milan by default. The founder, Paul Singer, is a lifetime Arsenal fan and a keen follower of the 69 year old coach.

Wenger is well known for revolutionising football when he first came to the Premier League. His well-known passing focused style of play was a joy to behold when first implemented under his regime, a concept I fell in love with and which fuelled my interest in football for a while.

Wenger’s time at Arsenal brought an artistic approach to football, making match-day an exciting affair for anyone who enjoys watching an excellent standard on display. His tenure also brought a healthy supply of silverware, although his much debated time-period suggests he may have outstayed his welcome, perhaps his development orientated approach didn’t fit in the EPL where silverware and high profile signings were in high demand.

The rich history of success and tradition seems to be a gift from the heavens for Wenger, with the club almost in a state of flux it almost feels like Arsenal 2.0, an opportunity to recreate a style of player where at the moment a collection of players have been rushed in without any thought or consideration. Wengers’ love for the passing style of football would fit perfectly with the Fossa dei Leoni and their passionate legion, the magnificent San Siro packed full of adoring fans.

An exciting and mouth watering prospect for any football fan who is an avid student of the Italian game that’s for sure.