How to plan a destination Stag-do

Stag do
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Going abroad for your friend’s stag do is a great idea because it fulfills the dual excitement of travelling and celebrating. Destination stag dos are a popular trend these days and all stag gangs are going to exotic locations to organise a memorable stag do for their groom-to-be friend.

Travelling abroad for a stag do requires a lot of planning and execution. If this is your first time organising a stag do or the first time organising a destination stag do, then here are some tips that will help you with your destination stag do planning.

Stag gang list

First and foremost, you need to sit with the groom-to-be and decide on the guest list for the stag do. Assuming that you’re travelling abroad or taking a road trip to some new place, you might want to keep the gang and the list short and close.

A short guest list is easier to manage in a destination stag do where the entire gang will have to travel to a far away location.

Travel dates

Deciding on the dates of your destination stag do is the next major task that you need to get out of the way when planning your destination stag do. The travel dates and timing of the stag do should be decided after discussion with the entire stag gang, so that the dates don’t clash with some prior commitments of the men who are invited.

Also, ensure that the stag do plans are not too close to the wedding day. Leave the groom-to-be with some days to catch a breath and get over the stag hangover before he gets ready to stand at the aisle to say ‘i do’.

Fixing a budget

Fixing a budget that’s suitable, affordable and comfortable for all the stag gang members is very important. To ensure this, discuss the budget with the entire stag gang and then decide on a budget. Make sure you don’t make anyone uncomfortable while fixing a budget, not everyone can afford to splurge, so make sure that the budget is not zeroing anyone’s bank balance.


Once the dates are decided and the budget is fixed, start researching on the destinations for the stag do. Your budget and travel dates are going to be major factors in deciding on a destination. It will depend on your budget which destination can you afford to go to and explore easily within the amount that you’ve set aside for the stag do.

The weather conditions of the destination at the time of your travel dates are going to be a deciding factor whether it’s the ideal location to go to for a stag do and whether the stag gang will be able to enjoy out in the open.

Transport and accommodation

Once the dates, budget and the destination is decided. You need to then move on to your mode of transport that’s going to get you to the destination. If it’s air tickets then you need to ensure that you book your tickets well in advance for a cheaper deal and if you plan to drive down, then rent a car well in advance.

The same goes for hotel and other accommodation bookings. Make your accommodation arrangements and hotel bookings in advance to avoid the last minute risk of running out of options. Advance bookings might get you a cheaper deal than last minute bookings so try and finalise your transport and accomodation in advance rather thanat the last minute.

Stag night games

A stag night is incomplete without some cool ideas for a stag do like stag night games, pranks, themes etc. The stag gang should decide on some healthy and harmless pranks for the groom-to-be and carry some props for the stag night, depending on what the stag gang has planned for the night.


Destination stag dos are one of the best ideas for a memorable stag do. There are plenty of options for a stag do in UK and many other locations across the globe. Depending on your budget and activities that you want to experience, you can pick a destination for a stag do and it will definitely be a much better idea than just going to a bar for a night of heavy drinking, most of which you won’t remember the next day.