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The Rooney send-off

Wayne Rooney
Written by Gillen

A recent development has presented the situation where a friendly is being played, Wayne Rooney and the rest of the England team face the American’s in a slightly glamorous friendly, Wembley will play host to an event that has suffered criticism for some reason.

Question mark

The international attendance of players has been a big question mark over the years, players quietly withdrawing through injuries with suspicious convenience in order to take part in club activities. Now we have the infamous Chris Sutton and Co whining about how the international cap has been reduced in value, in the form of what has been considered a testimonial like event for a player that has dedicated half a lifetime to his country.

53 goals

Rooney has brought 53 goals to the international scene, along with a sense of intimidation and dread for a number of international teams historically, he shared the frustration of the “golden generation” the international team never really living up to the hype that accompanied them. Rooney offered a flexible and versatile outlet to an often rigid and frankly dull England team, managers lacking in imagination and innovation in their approach, however Rooney was never lacking in loyalty or dedication in his application. Ever since that famous strike in 2002 Rooney was never doubted for his commitment to the international cause.

So we can address the case of how we can recognise this dedication,

Players of devotion, accusations of mercenary type behaviour are a common feature in sentences, are hard to come bye in the modern game that’s for sure, Zanetti for example was sighted for his 143 caps for Argentina, his retirement brought an opportunity to wear a special armband when playing the final of his 615 games for Internazionale which featured all the players he accompanied in the team selection for Inter Milan through the years.

The great Francesco Totti was presented with a gift, the famous shirt was framed in gold presented to him in front of a packed Stadio Olimpico, fans full of emotion and love for the magnificent trequartista, Totti was a man who dedicated his life to a club that he loves.

So I ask you why can’t Rooney be allowed to do the same for his country without Chris Sutton being involved?