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Adult toys for beginners

Sex toys for beginners
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Adult toys have come a long way since their origins which actually extend as far back as the 1800s when a diagnosis called “hysteria” was an ailment found in women. Physicians prescribed manual stimulation to relieve the sexual frustrations of women of the time and one physician decided to create a mechanical device to spare the doctors from having to manually treat the condition.

Of course the initial mechanical device deemed the first vibrator of its type was cumbersome and looked more like a device of torture. The toys today are sleek and discreet and optimised to heighten the sexual experience of the user whether that’s for personal use or as part of a couple. So, if you’re a newbie to all things sex toys, where should you start? 


Vibrators are probably the best known sex toy on the market and gained high profile prominence from their appearance in the TV show Sex and the City. Rabbit Vibrators are a specific type of vibrator that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and massages internally. For a beginner to vibrators, a mini or smaller vibe (one that can be inserted internally) is a great place to start to see if you like both types of stimulation as you can individually test on the clitoris and internally. 

Penis Rings

For guys, a penis or cock ring is an inexpensive option as a foray into sex toys. A penis ring is placed onto the penis obviously and not only can they stimulate you and your partner, they can also allow you to have longer lasting sex sessions, hold your erection longer than usual and enhance the climactic sensations – what’s not to love about that?! 


Masturbators are toys to assist that self pleasure moment that many guys like to enjoy. They are inexpensive to purchase, easy to use (just insert your penis!) and provide wonderfully enjoyable friction as you journey to your climax. 

Anal Toys

Anal play is hugely popular with all genders and orientations because it can be immensely pleasurable. People who wish to add some toys to kick their anal sex-ploits up a notch should definitely add in some anal-specific lube. If it’s self pleasure one is looking for in anal play, a prostate massager is a great place to begin for guys but use lots of anal lube and take it slow and steady! Anal beads are another inexpensive starting point for all genders and provide fantastic stimulation if that’s what you seek. 

We also spoke to the resident buyer at Carvaka Sex Toys, Elizabeth Morris about being a beginner to the world of sex toys:

“We have customers of all ages and of all levels of experience. Some are sex toy collectors who love to regularly add a new toy to their collection but we often get sex toy beginners and they do look for advice on what to purchase. If I was to advise someone who is new to adult toys, I would say choose an inexpensive toy like a masturbator for a guy or clitoral massager for a female to get things started and build from there as you discover what you like. One top tip is to always include lots of lube as it makes it all the more comfortable!”