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Viral Video: Stop and get this man a biscuit!

STOP THE WORLD. DROP EVERYTHING. AND GIVE THIS MAN A MINTY BISCUIT. No, no, sorry, just give his wife the minty biscuit.

STOP THE WORLD. DROP EVERYTHING. AND GIVE THIS MAN A MINTY BISCUIT. No, no, sorry, just give his wife the minty biscuit.

Don’t get him wrong, he has eaten the biscuit on occasion, he has had one before, and they are jolly nice, and the neighbour has had the odd one, but he doesn’t like the orange ones, only the minty ones. Always the minty ones.

A good disguise?

I have to say, it took me far too long to realise that this was an actor. In fact, if it weren’t for the user profile: “Barry from Watford Archive.” I probably would have believed it. And even then it is still fairly believable, seeing as this is exactly the kind of character I would expect to have an archive of his own thoughts and musings.

Moreover, I felt myself fall into the same kind of slightly amused/boredom lull that befalls me every Sunday afternoon when my nan tells me in depth, for ten minutes, the kind of hoover she is hoping to buy next week at B&Q, or how she folds so as not to get creases. Except in this instance, you are allowed to laugh.

The comments this week

To my great delight one commenter took this as an opportunity to share a similar issue with regards to Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, stating that he has reclaimed VAT on his wife’s mobility scooter in order to pay for said caramel wafers.

I am not sure whether this is an attempt at a comedic imitation of the original video or if we are actually just seeing one man’s awkward and somewhat misplaced confession of a crime? Although I do certainly hope that this video prompts a sudden flurry of YouTube confessions about crimes committed in order to obtain biccies; chocolate, caramel or otherwise, but not orange, never orange.

Far too serious

One commenter thinks it is paramount that we assess the issue from a “legal bureaucratic perspective” and clearly doesn’t think there is anything funny in this whatsoever, which in turn makes it even funnier.

Nice job. Whereas my favourite comment of the week embraced the hilarity of the situation with a cracking one-liner: “I for one am against the misuse of blue badges… It really takes the biscuit.”

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Importantly, one commenter takes this issue to be hugely offensive, clearly seeing no humour in the skit and angrily defends his opinions with strong words: “This is total bullshit. The orange viscount is far superior to the mint. Everyone knows this.”

Who knew such an argument could start with a biscuit. This must have been what it what like when someone first asked if Jaffa cakes were cake or biscuit – pandemonium.

Oh so British

Lastly, this has to be acknowledged as one of the most British things to ever happen to the internet. Indeed in a way, sitting indoors, staring out of my window at the summer rain, eating a cherry bakewell (not an orange biscuit, mind) and listening to Barry wax lyrical about viscounts has made me feel somewhat patriotic.

I hope someone sets this recording to a slideshow of pictures of the Queen, Winnie the Pooh and bacon butties, and we can all say a big hurrah for Barry and his minty, bloody biccies.

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Photo: Ivva / Flickr