Why I am not looking forward to the World Cup

It’s that time again—the World Cup is just about to begin. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely dreading the next four weeks of constant coverage.

It’s that time again—the World Cup is just about to begin. I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely dreading the next four weeks of constant coverage. What makes this any different to an ordinary boring Football match? Most of my friends absolutely hate Football, but as soon as the World Cup starts they seem to turn into mega Football fans.

I’m pretty certain that the majority of articles in sport sections are going to be about the golden moment of how fabulously romanticised the World Cup is. Then here comes my not so romanticised article! As on Twitter, I’ve been showing my dull mood about this event, far too many people have been commenting with their “what? How can you not like the World Cup?

Unfortunately, 140 characters isn’t enough to express my feelings. Hence why this article is the perfect opportunity. So, what is it about the World Cup that makes me dread it so much?

The constant coverage

I just cannot stand looking through a newspaper and seeing World Cup, EVERYTHING! That, as well as hearing it on the Radio as soon as you get in the Car, and the fact that Television programmes are postponed because of this constant coverage, really does get on my nerves! Why should kicking a ball around, have to result in the whole world changing everything to fit around the most boring sport of all time?

Supermarkets backing the World Cup

I walk down the ‘seasonal isles’ in my local Asda and Tesco, and it is all covered in tacky Brazil and England flags, bunting, cups, you name it! Seriously, why does everything have to look so disgusting in a shop because of this event. I don’t need to be reminded of what is just around the corner.. I seriously cannot hide from it.

The tackiness of streets

Yes, I’m sure everyone witnesses this.  I just cannot stand walking down a street with all of those horrid flags hanging out of windows, WHY would you want to do that to your house? It looks awfully disgusting. I often find myself walking around with my head down in shame.

Fog horns

As if I haven’t had enough of these, they just get ten times worse when the dreaded World Cup starts. Seriously, I feel like I live around such hooligans. Why can’t anyone control their noise and obsession, or even just keep it in their home. People like me basically feel the need to lock ourselves in a soundproof room, with no digital communication whatsoever.

Shouting at the TV

My mum always does this, she’ll sit there and constantly shout at the TV.. Seriously, what is that going to do? They can’t hear you, and it’s not going to make any difference! I’m bound to have a lot of headaches during the coverage this Summer.

In my eyes, I really do feel that the World Cup is a pointless event, and without a doubt, a waste of money! It’s Football, nothing decent and nothing interesting. Why should we be put through this torture!

What do you think? Do you agree? Have your say in the comments section below.