Should artists be accountable for cancelled shows?

We all get that feeling when our favourite music artists announce a new tour and are coming to a town near you.

We all get that feeling when our favourite music artists announce a new tour and are coming to a town near you. You immediately save up and purchase the ticket and if you are anything like me you countdown the days on your calendar until that big day arrives.
You circle the date with a red pen getting all excited; only this time that date has been marked with a big fat X because your favourite band has had to cancel the concert for some reason or another.
David Guetta and his lost USB
That is what has been happening to recent fans of David Guetta. For reasons I thought could never come to light, they have had to cancel their concerts. David Guetta, who is a French house producer, has sold 6 million albums and 15 million singles all over the world. In creating amazing pieces of chart music, of course every music genius such as Mr Guetta needs to save their music.
He can’t just leave it lying around on a computer, so he saves it all on his USB stick thus not losing it.
Think again – Guetta lost his USB stick with the entire music set list for his tour. Since he had no backup plan he was left with having to cancel his own tour. His management did say sorry to his fans, but they were all disappointed as they had taken days off work especially for this amazing event and paid an awful amount of money to make sure they got a chance to go. 
Lady Gaga’s Tall Tale
Now if you thought that was pathetic then wait till you hear this tale, or rather tail, of why Lady Gaga was made to cancel her concert. Miss Lady Gaga has experimented with with the sea theme; remember her performance on X-Factor somewhat resembling a mermaid?
Despite her wacky look I think she could give Ariel, from the classic Disney princess movie Little Mermaid, a run for her money. But I worry about Lady Gaga, as she may be taking too much sea weed and it’s going to her head. She had to cancel a show because she lost her mermaid voice.
For those non deep sea divers amongst us, that really meant she had to cancel due to bronchitis – Ain’t nobody got time for that! 
Gaga was due to perform in Seattle but tweeted her fans, cancelling that show and the following show in Vancouver.
Although she was ill, she proved she still had a sense of humour about her. But while she was suffering from bronchitis her fans were suffering, because again they had paid all that money and she had let them down. 

Never mind the musicians, it is the fans I feel sorry for as it is the duty of an artist to look after themselves and make sure they can put on a performance that is worth every penny that the fans pay.
If they cannot live up to that then surely that leaves the fans to question their commitment to going to their concerts. 
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