Michael McIntyre – as funny, camp and posh as ever

I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘man drawer’, ‘I am five spice’ and ‘I was absolutely gazeboed last night’.

I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘man drawer’, ‘I am five spice’ and ‘I was absolutely gazeboed last night’.

Yes, I recently saw the self-proclaimed fat Chinese man himself at London O2, and he did not fail to deliver his camp, posh jollity.

Michael McIntyre, the nation’s favourite comedian, effortlessly reeled off joke after joke, bringing tears to my eyes.

Despite being seated higher up in the cheap seats – which Michael mocked us for saying we “should have booked sooner” – I had a pretty good, central view in the mammoth venue.

Ironically I’d bought my ticket over a year ago! McIntyre apologised for the premature ticket release by saying he panicked that no one was going to come.

On the contrary, ‘Showtime’, his 2nd monster arena tour with 71 dates across the UK sold out instantly.

His entrance was just as impressive. On the same lines as Wallace & Gromit, a video showed him getting ready for the show, robot style, before being introduced by the X Factor voice over guy and emerging to ACDC’s ‘Back in Black’.

He certainly is back.

As expected, McIntyre’s set flowed perfectly, touching on subjects that everyone could identify with. He took the universally acknowledged oddities of reality, and spiced them up in his own whimsical way.

Of course he mentioned the Olympics and how dressage is “not a sport, just a gay horse.” The Royals got a large segment what with all the nudity this year, as you can imagine.

He also highlighted the idiocy of online booking, how difficult it is to look good in photos, and how he’s figured out the moment you know you’re in a long term relationship.

The men in the audience sympathised when he complained about the complexity of women, the couples recognized his attempts at spontaneity and the parents understood his struggle to entertain his children.  

He may be the king of comedy, but like every human being he isn’t perfect. A large portion of his jokes are in the form of self-mockery and tales of embarrassment.

This makes us love him even more as, despite his fame and wealth, he is still human.

The gig I saw was actually the night it was filmed for his DVD, and of course it was this night he chose to say ‘cock-porn’ instead of ‘popcorn’. He teased, “would you stop laughing at my mistakes, it’s my DVD night!” 

There also seemed to be a lack of his usual hop-skip-and-jump-around-the-stage routine, and I’m sure I heard him wheezing in between jokes.

I can’t deny that he was still as animated and flamboyant as ever in his delivery. In comparison to his other gigs, he seemed to interact a lot more with the audience and go off on humorous tangents, instead of sticking to a strict, yet very funny, routine.

All in all, a hilarious display of comedic excellence and I can’t wait to watch it all again when the DVD comes out on November 12!