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#WorstDateIn5Words: What not to do on a date

With #WorstDateIn5Words trending on twitter this week, the world has shared their most hated dating faux pas’. So in true Kettle Mag fashion, I have collected the best of the worst dating glitches so that you never make the same mistake twice.

Not only are some of these mistakes rather comical, they all highlight the nervous uncertainty that many feel on a first date. If you steer clear of these mistakes, you’ll be sure to have a successful and relaxed first date!


Remember their name

One of the worst mistakes I think anyone can make on a first date:

Please, oh please, do your best to remember your date’s name! Write it down on your hand if you have to, but nothing is more awkward and embarrassing than having to ask or be asked your name on a date. Not only is this blunder almost impossible to cover up, it will no doubt damage the romantic mood, often beyond repair. Whoops!


How you met

In a similar vein, once you’re on a date it might be advisable not to discuss how you met, especially if it was via social media:

It may not be love at first sight and your date may look different to their online profile picture, but it’s a bit late to run in the other direction. Everyone deserves a chance, so stop comparing and enjoy the evening. You never know, you may get along great, even if he doesn’t look like Brad Pitt.


Conversation topics

Making conversation on a date when you don’t know anything about the other person can be really hard. But, especially on a first date, try to stick to soft subjects that are easy to discuss. Starting sentences like this will never go down well:


Actually, perhaps it’s a good idea to steer clear of politics altogether on first dates



Big revelations

And whilst honesty is always good, perhaps save a revelation like this for a seventh or eighth date with some sort of explanation:

It’s never good to lie to a date, especially when it comes to big things like this. You never know, that first date could become more and it’ll be much harder to break a big piece of news like this if you’ve lied about it in the past. But important disclosures like this should be carefully timed, gently eased into conversation and explained properly else your date could get the wrong idea and go running.


Commenting on their appearance

One of the other biggest dating mistakes many people have slammed is comments on looks. 

Uh… thanks?

Even if you think you’re being complimentary, don’t compare your date to members of your family. Comments like this never go down well I’m afraid, so try to avoid this altogether.


Looking for love?

And even if you aren’t looking for love, don’t rub it in:

I’m sure your date will get the gist when you don’t offer them your number at the end of the date.


Sharing food

Some people love sharing food. Other people hate it…

So, if you’d like to avoid a Chandler-style panic, it might be a good idea to stick to your own plate for the first few dates. Then tentatively offer some of yours or ask to try some of their meal rather than just digging in.


The matter of payment

One of the most awkward parts of date can be when it comes to paying the bill. Many think that traditionally men should pay for the meal, but many others refute this. Either way, money can always be a sore spot and so should be dealt with gently:

So this might not be the best way to tackle the issue.


There we have it, the best of the worst dating mistakes. Although you can find thousands more things to avoid on twitter, if you avoid making these mistakes, you should be on the road to successful and hopefully prosperous dates in the future.

Happy dating!