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6 Quick tips for choosing wedding roses

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Flowers, particularly roses, play an important role in weddings. Most of the time, it’s the couple that gets to choose what flowers they want to go with, depending on their budget, taste, and wedding theme. There are some couples, though, that just leave it to the wedding planners to decide for them.

If you want to pick your own flowers, you should know there are plenty of considerations to think about for your big day. For that reason, we suggest that you make use of the six tips below to choose the perfect set of roses for your wedding:

1. Allocate Some Budget

It depends on your floral budget as to what type of roses you’re going to get for your wedding, and this is the first thing you should do. It’s best if you talk about this with your partner to discuss how much you can afford for roses. Keep in mind that the actual cost of the roses can vary depending on how many arrangements you want.

Stunning florals are beautiful but also expensive. Having a bigger budget can make room for more elaborate arrangements and designs.

2. Hire A Florist

Unless you’re confident about making your own bouquets and floral arrangements, it’s probably best to hire a florist to take care of everything for you! Having a wedding florist on your side can help you choose the best roses that fit your wedding theme, as well as your budget. Just make sure you let your florist know what kind of floral designs or arrangements you want. 

The best thing about getting a florist is their knowledge, experience, and services can come in handy. They can give you important tips and suggestions to help realize what you want.

3. Consider Your Venue

The wedding and reception venue also plays an integral part in your floral decisions, so be sure to take these two into account. If the venue is in a park, garden, or vineyard, you should keep your floral designs and arrangements minimal as these places already look natural and you can still make an impression even with fewer roses. Just be sure to talk to your organizer or florist first to choose what arrangement is best suited for the venue.

But if the venue is an old chapel or basilica, you may want to make large clusters of floral arrangements. Choose a rose with a contrasting hue so you can stand out as you walk down the aisle in these old buildings.

4. Do Your Homework

You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to wedding flowers, but it can be helpful if you know the basics, at least. Having basic knowledge about these things can help a lot in choosing the best type of flowers suited for your wedding.

Flowers, especially roses, come in different vivid colours. There are even some flowers that may have good colours but don’t smell too good. There are also some that are neutral in colours but come with strong fragrance. Knowing different types of flowers can help you when you talk to your florist.

5. Find Some Inspiration

Now that you’ve got some basic knowledge and additional tips from your florist, it might be easier for you to find wedding flower inspirations as you come up with your ultimate choice. Take the time to browse the internet for photos of weddings. You might also want to check out wedding magazines and brochures to find some inspiration.

As you see a lot of options, you’ll soon find out that there are some you like and dislike. Take note of the floral preferences that you liked as you browse and save some pictures so you can show them later to your florist.

6. Don’t Overdo It

The last thing you want is to have your flowers overtake your look. The flowers are meant to complement your entire look, not take over everything. If you have a beautiful ornate gown, a simple rose bouquet should be enough to complement your look.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a simple or grand wedding, having the right set of wedding roses can make or break your special day. Choosing your wedding flowers might be challenging for some couples, especially if you don’t know much about roses or other types of flowers, but it’s one of the best parts of planning a wedding. We hope that the tips discussed above in choosing wedding roses can assist you in making the right decision and make your big day more elegant and memorable!