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5 innovative Scottish wedding venue ideas

Written by Nigel Simpkins

If you’re Scottish or looking to get married in the Highlands, you’ll be happy to hear that there are a whole host of elegant, unusual, and innovative wedding venues available to book for your special day! From old courthouses to hidden underground caves, the list of venues to choose from seems endless. But if you’re looking for a slightly different experience for you wedding, you’ll love some of the locations we’ve added to this list. Here are 5 of our favourite innovative Scottish wedding venue ideas:

  1. Marlins Wynd (Unusual Venues) – Cave Wedding

Way back in the day, workers used to move around Edinburgh city centre through various underground tunnel systems, which have now been renovated and are being used as unusual, yet sophisticated and romantic wedding venues! And Marlins Wynd is just one of three fantastic cave venues owned by the company. It’s also home to The Rowantree and appropriately named ‘The Caves’ – which offer a night a of elegance and romance with a twist – how amazing does that sound! 

  1. The Glasshouse – Renovated Church Wedding

If you’re looking for a more traditional celebration with an unusual twist, The Glasshouse could just be the wedding venue of your dreams. This old, renovated church is situated smack back in the middle of the city centre, meaning you can extend your wedding celebrations for as long as you would like, as you’re never far from a pub or restaurant (whatever floats your boat really). Such a fantastic space with a deep, rich history! 

  1. Mansfield Traquair – Modernised Chapel Wedding

Known as Scotland’s answer to the Sistine Chapel, this extravagant venue is the perfect mix of unusual with a sophisticated, elegant twist. You won’t find another venue quite like this, so if you fall in love with it, book it while you can! Prepare to be wowed with this venue, that’s full of surprises around every twist and turn. And as it offers exclusive use to all its customers, you’ll have the whole place to yourself – wow! 

  1. Royal Botanic Garden – Outdoor Wedding

We genuinely couldn’t think of a more romantic place than a botanical garden to spend your big day. Imagine reading your vows to the love of your life, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, with such a stunning background. Perhaps you won’t have to imagine for much longer, as this venue is one of the best locations Scotland has to offer for weddings. So, book it while you can!

  1. The Signet Library – Renovated Library Wedding

If you and your partner are a couple of book worms, what better place to spend your special day than in a gorgeous, renovated library. The Signet is a fantastic location, located in Edinburgh’s amazing Old Town, so the party quite literally never stops! This venue is genuinely one in a million. How many venues do you know have a space to slip away to and have a read if the celebration gets a bit much? Not many!

Scotland is a fantastic location to tie the knot, not only because the surrounding scenery is absolutely gorgeous, but because of the overall vibe it has as a wedding location. It has an almost magical feel to it, and these wedding venues only go to show just how magical it really is. Happy Searching!