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How do people meet romantic partners offline?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

These days, it seems that more often than not couples meet online. Internet dating has changed the landscape in recent times, but it is not for everyone and there have been a few criticisms emerging in the last few years. So, how do people meet romantic partners offline? It is still possible and there could be a resurgence in this way of meeting people moving out of COVID-19.

Friends of Friends

The most common way for people to meet romantic partners apart from swiping on their smartphone is through friends. People often get set up by their friends and this can be a great way to meet people, especially when your friends are good matchmakers and think that you are compatible! Meeting friends of friends can also be less intimidating than approaching someone on the street as you will have something in common from the start.


People spend a huge amount of time at work and in close quarters, so it is only natural that office romances develop. Although they do happen and can be a way to meet partners, most people disagree with them in the workplace and it is easy to see why. This was recently researched by signage printing specialist instantprint, who had some interesting findings:

“Our survey of 1,517 office workers found that 43% of Brits think office romance breakups create a bad atmosphere, while more than a third (37%) don’t want people dating in the office as they think it would be too ‘insensitive’ to those who are single and make colleagues feel ‘very uncomfortable’ knowing it is going on.”

This means that if you do meet someone in the office, you might want to be discreet!


Hobbies and courses can also be a great way to meet people in real life both in terms of romantic partners and friends. This is because you will have something in common and these are environments where people are keen to meet others.


Volunteering is another option that will not have the same office politics as dating at work. Additionally, meeting someone through volunteering will mean that you share a similar passion and could be a similar kind of person.

Coffee Shops/Bars

Coffee shops and bars are often seen as romantic settings, but in reality, it is not that simple. They certainly can be a great place to meet people, but you must also be cautious and careful not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Bars can be a good setting and, of course, Dutch courage can help with those that feel anxious approaching people (just be careful not to overdo it!).

Random Strangers on the Street

Similarly, you might find success with approaching people on the street although again you should avoid making people feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to meet people other than online dating and it is all about putting yourself out there.