What are you listening to?

Written by Lizzie James

Some use it as background noise; a comforting buzz of voices on the car radio on their commute to work. Some save it for the gym; an escape from the cramps and sweat into a mild chat with some friends in their ears.

Whichever way you listen, this screenless media is being revived, taking over the iTunes charts, Youtube subscription boxes and headphones across the country: Podcasts.

It sounds like old news. But old news with new voices has its appeal.

Whether its educational – Duolingo podcast, speculative rambles – The Joe Rogan Experience, or internet chatter – True Geordie Podcast, theres something for everyone.

Whats interesting is its ability to keep you enthralled in one thing for long periods of time. With attention spans shattered from the go go go of social media scrolling some people find it a chore sitting through a film, but a 2+ hour podcast? That gets the thumbs up. Literally, the ratings are sky high and listeners are begging for more and more content, they cant get enough.

For those who are sick of doing everything at once and just want to sit back and melt into invigorating conversation, podcasts are the perfect option, with some offering a live stream of the people sat around their table, microphones and water bottles in view. That said if mind numbing tasks get too much, popping one on in the background is a nice relief.

Next time you’ve got a spare hour, lay your phone down and turn on your speaker, indulge in media’s simplest form.


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