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Review: A Spanish breakfast at Bar Iberico

Tiles at Bar Iberico
Written by ellieffion3

Breakfast is a very important meal that most people don’t make enough time for in their day to day lives. Brunch on the other hand is enjoyed by most and people will happily spend three hours drinking flat whites and consuming fluffy pancakes.

Notttingham is a city full of brunching opportunities: whether you want an organic Full English, a plate of fluffy American pancakes or you fancy a French inspired feast. However, a few months ago a new contendor came onto the scene offering a Spanish breakfast – think chorizo, baked eggs and morcilla. On Sunday morning, I went and checked out what was on offer for a Spanish brunch.

It was a crisp cold autumn morning. As soon I stepped inside Bar Iberico, the warm lights and patterned tiles made me feel like a Spanish cobbled street was right outside, not the paving stones of Nottingham.  

I sipped on a fresh mint tea as I debated between the rich almond crossaints I’d already indulged in once before or the flatbread with bacon, sausage, chorizo relish and crème fraiche. On the principle I could buy an almond crossiant to take out, I decided on the flatbread and my brunching partner chose the full Spanish breakfast – complete with sausage, smoked bacon, morcilla, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, chorizo relish and sourdough toast.

As well as beautiful tiles and lights, the crockery made the food look even more appetising – slightly speckled and wonky. The flatbread was a wise choice, a freshly baked flatbread with a crispy outside then a soft doughy centre, piled high with crispy smoked bacon, chopped sausage with a kick from the chorizo relish and occasional spoonfuls of crème fraiche that added a moistness and brought each compotent together. For £3.95, you are presented with a brunch that is not only incredibly filling but is freshly prepared using great ingredients. 

The Spanish breakfast looked just as delicious. Everything is fresh and that is evident not only from the taste but the rustic look of the dish. The tomatoes still on the vine, the sourdough sliced by hand. Everything on the plate looked like it had been put there with care. The only flaw was that the sourdough was a little dry, but after being spread with slightly spicy chorizo relish the issue was swiftly sorted out.

After a delicious brunch devoured in beautiful surroundings it was tempting to spend all day there, making our way through the rest of the menu. However, on the promise of returning soon, we reluctantly left our Spanish café and stepped back on to Nottingham’s pavements.

If you want to try out Bar Iberico for yourself you can find the menu and contact details on their website here: