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The best 5 Spanish Christmas meals you should try this winter!

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Written by C Wolsey

Have you ever wanted to celebrate Christmas with a touch of Spanish flair? The Spanish are, without a doubt, some of the best when it comes to making the most of the holiday season. And, with this in mind, we’ve summarised some of the best traditional Spanish winter celebration recipes to give you an idea about delicious dishes you could cook for your own family (or yourself) this Christmas.

 So, celebrate as if you have just tried to play El Gordo at Lottoland, the traditional Spanish Christmas lottery, and treat yourself to some of the most delicious Spanish recipes around! We’re sure they’ll add a unique and undeniably Christmas-y feel to your home and might even become a new holiday tradition for your family and friends!

The Best 5 Spanish Christmas Meals You Should Try This Winter!

When it comes to Christmas celebrations, you want to be sure that the food you serve up will keep everyone happy and merry! These five Spanish meal ideas might not be staples on the UK’s Christmas menu, but they could definitely be a fun and much-appreciated addition if you’ve been looking for a delicious new dish to add to your family’s festivities!

#1 Entremeses

Christmas might be the holiday season, but that’s not to say it’s necessarily peaceful. Indeed, with so much going on, it’s sometimes nice to just have a bit of a break – and this delicious dish might just be an excellent option. Entremeses simply consists of several hand-carved slices of cheese and meats, usually, and sometimes even a little Jamon. 

Iberico ham is a particularly popular addition to these dishes or can even be served alone for a simple sharing platter. Or, for a more British twist, if you don’t think your family will go for the meat and cheese board alone, why not serve this up with some freshly cut bread and butter?

It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and you’ll soon be treated to a delicious snack. It’ll keep all of the family happy (and keep the wolf from the door for the excitable little ones) while you enjoy some much-deserved time to rest and put your feet up.

#2 Shrimp Dishes

Shrimp is a popular choice of dish for Spanish Christmas, and there are a few different recipe ideas you could try in this regard. Spanish Garlic Shrimp is one such popular option, and the rich flavour helps provide a warming sensation on even the chilliest winter days. Or, for something a little milder, simple boiled shrimp is a tasty snack that only needs a little water, sea salt, and a plate to serve up on!

Perhaps not a dish for the children so much, but you can be sure that a delicious plate of shrimp will keep most adults in your family satisfied.

#3 Roasted Lamb

In the UK, we generally have two main staple meats for our Christmas celebrations: turkey or, if you’re really pushing the boat out and going for a traditional Christmas, goose. However, in Spain, roast lamb is still commonly enjoyed as a delicious Christmas dinner. 

Here in the UK, we’re known around the world for the exceptional quality of our home-grown lamb; as such, why not pop down to the supermarket and pick out a delicious joint of British lamb to serve up for your Christmas dinner this year?

#4 Galets

If you want something very different for your Christmas this year, why not serve up some pasta? No, we’re not joking – galets are an especially popular form of pasta served in the winter months in Spain, with each pasta shell being filled with mincemeat and served up with a warming soup. A delicious meal you’re sure to draw attention with this holiday season!

#5 Turron

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the puddings, but why not bypass your traditional Christmas fruit cake this year in favour of some Spanish turron? Typically made in the Alicante region especially, this unique variant of nougat is made from fruits and nuts and can be flavoured to your own preferences – making it a very popular choice of Christmas dessert, for sure! For a slightly less mature version for the kids, you could even drizzle your turron with white chocolate!


Every country around the world has its own unique traditions at Christmas time, and the charm and elation of the Spanish Christmas season is something that’s thrilling. With this in mind, to bring a little Spanish festive charm to your own home this holiday season, why not try one (or all!) of our top picks for the five best Spanish Christmas meals? 

We’re confident you’ll love them just as much as we do, and they don’t even need to be hard to make – which is part of why they’re so loved by the Spanish people themselves!