Overwatch: Hero 28 revealed?

Written by Doc

Its always a point of speculation on who or what the next hero will be in the game, Overwatch. Usually it is nice to have a character reveal where we know a little bit about the character and how they will play.
With other characters that the team at Blizzard have introduced the fans always had an idea of who the next hero in the game would be. Whether this be via small hints in other character’s backstories or in the lore of the World. An example of this would be that of the character Orisa, who was also a late addition.
With Orisa’s introduction there was a vague idea who she would be and how she would play via the in-game news article on her creator, Efi Oledele:

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Image courtesy of  www.gamexpro.com

From this it could be assumed that the new hero, at the time, would be a robot of some sort built by Efi Oledele, since it would be bad for the game if there was a little girl actively trying to kill people… The only thing here in mystery was the name, of the hero known now as Orisa.

This is why it came as a complete surprise to many in the community when hero 28 was announced.

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Image courtesy: rockpapershotgun.com

Honestly I though this was a joke when I first saw it, but then it made more sense as time went on and I thought about the character more. For example the joke among the community about the jet pack cat character, or the fact that horizon lunar colony housed different animal subjects besides another hero (Winston), and the expansion upon the lore behind the junkers.

When put together, of course the reveal makes sense, but it does not make it a good one. Keeping in mind the community though Hammond was a Chimp experimented on in Horizon:

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Image courtesy of https://twitter.com/unitlostgaming/