Overview of the impact of gaming on urban culture and society

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Video gamers have been a part of a growing society for a long time. Whether you’re a Call of Dutyfan or just enjoy the occasional Candy Crushon your commute, or even playing online slots at one of the most popular online casinos, such as Amazon Slots UK, it’s all part of the gaming world. The gaming world has also suffered from false claims and stereotypes, the most prevalent being that some action-filled games are why people become violent. However, some discussion-led surveys are set on proving those claims wrong. 

For one, an organisation named Qutee did a survey meant to give a voice to the gaming community that has otherwise stayed silent over the years. Based on the survey’s outcome, gaming provides more benefits for the community than harm. According to a survey conducted in North America, Europe, and Australia, 93% of gamers believe that the media’s mania of connecting violence to video games is unfounded. 66% attest to making friends while gaming, and 44% say the most crucial benefit is emotional well-being. 

While some 33% say that gaming influenced future career moves into history, art, and science. Giving gamers a voice will undoubtedly influence the gaming culture as it continues to rise. Yes, the gaming world is not perfect. But is it not better to try to gain perspective from people who play the games, as opposed to those who want to point fingers at issues they witness through the media? 

Punter’s Gaming Conduct

From medieval times when gaming was a social lubricant in communities, with people playing chess or cards and cricket, to the advancements brought on by technology where video gaming and fruit machines have evolved to touch screens, how players behave during a game has always been a factor. So much that it has contributed to the legalisation of gaming over centuries. It is also why there are terms such as gambling etiquette set in place. 

Let’s have a look at what some of those are in the world of online gaming:

  • No cheating, and you must play by the rules
  • Give newcomers a chance to learn 
  • Banter is welcome but being rude isn’t
  • Keep your avatar justifiable

The Importance of Discipline

Certain things about gambling will always remain the same. Such as know when to stop and respecting the budget you should set aside before betting on any game. Players who can make money by playing online slot games stick to rigorous strategies. You must keep your discipline intact whether you’re playing from the comfort of your home using a technological device or from a brick-and-mortar casino. Sometimes discipline is also educating yourself on the rules in place and following them; they are there for a reason.

The world is changing, and technology is evolving at breakneck speed. With this comes exciting new industries and new ways to make money online. Recording yourself playing a slot or video game was once thought of as a silly pastime and frowned upon by society but is now a multi-billion-pound industry. Our cultures are adapting to the new online world, and who knows what urban culture will be like ten years from now?