Live Streaming Entertainment: Top Activities Available in 2023

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

Live streaming technology is one of the standout features of modern entertainment. Over the last decade, live-streaming platforms have changed the way that people interact online. Currently, Twitch is the most active and most-used streaming platform in the world, and focuses largely on competitive gaming.

However, when Twitch began as Justin.tv back in 2007, the original creator wasn’t focused on games. Instead, he wanted to launch a 24/7 live stream of his life, allowing viewers worldwide the chance to tune in at any point in his day. Though the platform eventually pivoted towards gaming and saw a massive buyout from Amazon in 2014, live streaming is once again diversifying. 

Some of the top live-stream experiences in the world still focus on gaming, but there are tons of new opportunities for those searching for a way to pass the time online. Let’s count down five of the best live-streaming activities that you can find online right now.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Though casino games are in a different category to traditional video games, this industry has stayed at the forefront of technology for decades. In fact, virtual casinos have been harnessing live-streaming technology for years with great success. One of the top experiences that casino players seek out when exploring virtual platforms is live dealer games.

These are regular titles, such as roulette or blackjack, that are facilitated via a live video link. The goal is to closely simulate the experience of gaming on a brick-and-mortar casino floor. Players are able to interact with real-life dealers as they facilitate a game. Not only does it make the game more social for remote players, but it also adds texture and realism thanks to high-quality video links.

Virtual Concerts

Buying tickets and transportation to major concerts can quickly become pricey. However, many artists are now leaning on metaverses to help them reach more fans. Specifically, platforms like Roblox and Meta are now hosting some of the world’s biggest musical talents, from Lil Nas X to Justin Bieber to Ariana Grande.

Many of the early concerts were pre-recorded, which means that viewers weren’t watching live. However, as virtual reality technology advances, more of these concerts are occurring in real time. Using highly advanced live-streaming technology, John Legend became one of the very first artists to be live-streamed into the metaverse.


Casino games and concerts are two of the flashiest concepts to utilize live streaming technology. But some projects are more focused on taking people back out into the wild. Globally, dozens of zoos and ecological reserves have started to use live streaming technology to promote our planet’s wellness and shine a light on some of its species and ecosystems. Because these streams are so relaxing, they’ve become a popular choice for casual viewers. 

Plus, you can find a nature-based live stream that focuses on just about any location in the world. There are tours of the Northern Lights hosted by Explore, along with beachy escapes like San Diego’s Del Beach live cam. You can even swim with the sharks at Spain’s Palma Aquarium, which hosts live streams every weekday, or explore Chester Zoo’s unique residents.

Tutorials on Twitch & YouTube

Lastly, let’s shine a spotlight back onto the original platforms that helped curry interest in live streaming: Twitch and YouTube Live. Though both have been historically focused on competitive and casual gaming, the platforms are now home to hosts that focus on dozens of other topics. 

In fact, Twitch’s Tutorials category has taken off in the last year. Subscribers are able to focus on topics that interest them with the goal of learning more and joining a like-minded community. There are crafts tutorials, makeup tutorials, instrument lessons, and tons of DIY topics that make things like home repairs easy. So, if you’re eager to learn a new skill, then consider diving into these live streaming platforms.