Do online casinos cheat?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Ever since games of chance were created, punters wanted to maximize the odds of winning. If the games imply a certain degree of skill, then people focus on that aspect and try to become as good as possible. In other games, where luck is the decisive factor, such as roulette, punters try to come up with systems to beat the odds. Casinos provide an environment where players can compete against each other and more often, against the house. These are for-profit businesses, and they rely on the house edge to keep them profitable, but is the system fair, or do online casinos cheat?

Licensed casinos play by the rules

Trust is something difficult to earn and incredibly easy to lose and it is something that online casinos value above everything else. There are hundreds of casinos out there and many more are opening shop every year, so competition is huge. Established brands have an advantage over the pack as punters know about them and trust them to some extent. The best guarantee that you are not being cheated by the casino is to play at one that is licensed and regulated.

Many countries have legalized gambling so playing live casino games online is completely safe, as they realize that this is an important source of income for state coffers. To create a level playing field, they have set up regulators that analyze the safety of casinos and keep them in line. Operators who want to activate in a certain country need to apply for a license, which implies that they offer fair games. If players are mistreated or downright cheated, they have recourse and can contact the regulator to do them justice.

Casinos have a lot to lose by cheating

Oversight is important and you benefit from playing at licensed casinos because they can’t take shortcuts. It is also recommended to play games that are certified as fair by independent auditors. These have the experience and the technology needed to probe into the games available and distinguish between trustworthy and dishonest titles. They can also help players identify the games with the best return while avoiding the titles with a high house edge.

Deterrence is a strong driver of trust, but the main reason why casinos don’t cheat is that they have a lot to lose. Such a business takes a lot of time to build and a lot of money, but all can be lost if players lose trust in the brand. Over the years, there were many instances of casinos that went out of business because they were caught cheating or because suspicion existed around their business. It is far better for them to simply rely on the house edge to make long-term profits without breaking the rules.

The bottom line is that online casinos which are licensed and regulated don’t cheat and can be trusted. Read the reviews written by fellow players and the critics to narrow down the search and always select a licensed operator, to enjoy the most secure gaming experience.