Oh My Vlog! Reactions

Lauren Wise, Oh MY Vlog!, Kettle Mag, Zoella
Written by Lauren Wise

Last week saw the unveiling of a new step in the online world of vlogging, in the shape of teen magazine Oh My Vlog!

The magazine has a similar image and appeal to those of us who were teens when Smash Hits was released, yet the lack of diversity that clouded the cover of the magazine left something of a bitter taste for many social media users. 

Not only that, but the fact a print magazine had been produced about the internet seemed absurd to many, particularly in light of the ongoing print v. online journalism debate that continues to put the old form of journalism out of business. 

Bad Reactions

The recent reveal of the magazine by publishers Egmont has had a lot of mixed reactions. Many made their despair over the magazine clear on Twitter, taking no prisoners!

The release of the magazine even sparked Real Crime to promote its own publication;


Lack of Diversity

But the main point of concern was the all too blatant lack of diversity throughout the mag, as the cover presented solely white middle-class 20 somethings. 

What’s the Difference Really?

This tweet by @ziaword made a point many of us might have overlooked. 

However, Samantha Henry reminded us that the audience of this magazine is a large one, with Youtube videos reaching a larger audience than Smash Hits or Top of the Pops ever did.

What are your opinions of the magazine? Is it ridiculous to have a print form of media trying to keep up with the digital form? Did the magazine overlook its lack of diversity? Leave your comments in the section below!