Why do you need Lightroom mobile 

picture editor
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Lightroom mobile presets give you an opportunity to create creative and professional looking photos that you took just with your mobile phone. 

As mobile phones get better and better quality photos, Lightroom presets are able to create better results. It’s not a secret that all professional photographers edit their images before sending them to the clients. Now, you can edit your own photos and in a way that you love. 

What is So Special about Lightroom Mobile?

Lightroom mobile lets you turn your everyday photos into PRO with one simple click. Now you can edit your pictures on the go and immediately share them on social media. It allows you to have a cohesive Instagram feed without too much effort. 

What Do You Need to Know About Lightroom Mobile Filters? 

Advanced Instagram filters became popular for a reason. They allowed people to save tons of time while editing their images. Most of all, you are now able to tell your own story the way you like it even if you don’t have a retouching background. 

When choosing the right presets for you, check out not only the before and after images, but pay attention to what the models are wearing and which locations they are choosing. The thing is that the preset can only adjust the colors if they are already there. 

For example, you won’t see desaturated greens in an urban photo that doesn’t include any plants. There is simply no green color for the preset to change. 

Which Lightroom Mobile Filters Should You Try First? 

If you have never tried mobile filters, it might feel a little bit overwhelming on what to try first. Let me share with you some of the most popular options from These are the filters that our customers love the most. If you don’t believe it, you can read one of 4100 reviews for yourself. 


From its first release until now, this is the preset that most people love. It’s a safe choice because you won’t need to go crazy with your outfits as white, black, and blue colors work the best with this preset. This is a safe choice for any new customer and most definitely make you fall in love with this preset right away. 


Warm color tones, deep red color accents, tan and glowing skin. This is the preset that always received loads of compliments for its colors. 

Summer Vibes 

Inspired by orange and teal, these presets are currently trending on Instagram. With these presets you will able to achieve teal sky and orange tones. It’s the perfect match to keep your viewers attention. 


Inspired by the most romantic city in Europe, these presets are the ones that win all the hearts of those who love fashion and style. Create an elegant vibe in your feed and bring that Parisian mood to your photography. 

Los Angeles 

If you love sunset colors, this preset is for you. Soft pink and blue tones that will create a dreamy feeling to your photography. Perfect for beach photography because it will create a nice contrast between the sand and your model. Tan skin, aqua blue skies, and soft pink tones. 

How Does Lightroom Mobile Work?

All you need is a free Lightroom app that can download both to iPhone or Android. After that, you need to get the Lightroom presets themselves. 123 Presets have a wide selection of mobile presets that you can choose from. You can also come across a sale that will let you get multiple presets for a discount. 

Once you get the presets that you want, you will receive detailed instructions on how to use them. Feel free to contact support because they are always ready to help you.