REVIEW: Wasted at the Edinburgh Fringe

Wasted review, edinburgh fringe
Written by aairlie94

Wasted is a play based on real stories, about a one night stand, and the aftermath of the night. It shows the differences between a moment between two friends, with what actually happened, and what we thought had happened.

Wasted at Edinburgh Fringe

The show starts with the two main actors; Will Merrick from Skins and Serena Jennings from Punk Rock, playing bouncers, with the audience as club attendees on a dance floor. The set is just a small stage with a black backdrop, no props apart from two chairs and music, including sound effects. The actors take us through the night; jumping back and forth between different scenes, and different characters. Two drunken friends who leave a club and end up in a house playing drinking games. One thing leads to another; and before you know it, they’ve had sex. Oli, the main character, wakes up the next day, hungover. Emma, the main girl, confesses to a friend about the sex. She admits she can’t really remember much, and her friend Kate thinks she was raped by Oli. Kate encourages Emma to report the rape to the police, and Oli is taken in by police for questioning, as he’s considered a ‘suspect’ in the sexual assault case. 

The two actors do an amazing job, especially with the lack of props. Switching back and forth between different characters such as a police officer and a club bouncer is something they also do incredibly well, and they make it look easy. The occasional one-liners are incredibly amusing: “Hurry up! I’ve got Corrie on Sky Plus!” shouts a bouncer at the beginning. The sound effects too, are equally brilliant. A phone ringing, background club noises, no matter what scene, the sound effects are spot on

The show really opened my eyes towards the issue of rape; I hadn’t really thought about the role alcohol can play in it, in this case, and how easily one moment can take a turn for the worst.. The actors interact with the audience, telling them the story. Right at the beginning, Will, as the role of the bouncer, asked me for ID as I looked underage. I’ll take that as a compliment.

I got a complimentary ticket, but I loved this show so much that I would gladly pay to see it again.

Kettle rating: 5/5

Daily, until the 31st (minus Tuesday 18th.) – 12.15pm


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Trigger warning: Sexual violence, rape, alcohol.