Kettle Mag: America season

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be looking at all aspects of the US – the good, the bad and the down-right bizarre.

For a country that is so proud of it's cultural and technological exports – and given that it dominates the world both militarily and finacially, it's sad that it seems unable to manage situations on it's own shores. Racism, poverty, violence and inequality are rampant in the US and they are a stain on its global aspirations. Why should we pay so mauch attention to a country when it cannot agree that the poorest member of it's society deserve free access to vital healthcare or that it has a problem with gun control? 

This dichotemy of America's successes and failures make the country a fascinating place and a commentator's dream. In our America season we focus on what goes into making this such a great country and what, if anything, we can learn from it.


Kettlemag's US Season: The final word

At the end of Kettlemag's US Season, Kirstie Keate speaks to Alex Veeneman about how Americans feel about their country and it's perception globally.



The American Dream: 5 of the best novels

Lauren Wise takes a look at 5 of her favourite American Dream themed novels for Kettle's US Season.



American Soda: Bringing US food to the UK

US food is traditionally a bit of a comfort food in the UK. Business Editor Kirstie Keate speaks to Ben Greenwood of US food emporium American Soda about why we love it so much and the difficulties importing US food to the UK.


America's love affair with football

Nathan Price investigates how America caught the football bug. From the North America Soccer League to their recent Women's World Cup victory.



American white wine: Can it offer more than just Chardonnay?

The US white wine industry is heavily associated with Chardonnay. Business editor Kirstie Keate looks at what else this relative newbie to wine production has to offer.



'Have you seen the cover of…'

For Kettle's America Season, Ellie Ledra delves into the world of magazine covers, and shares some of her favorite iconic American magazine covers.



The Truth About Trump

As part of Kettle's USA season, TV Editor Alex Goode looks at Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and what he's really all about.



7 weird festivals you will only find in the USA

Natasha Ireton-Bourke looks at some of the bizarre festivals that take place across the USA each year



the OC, kettle magAmerican Comfort TV: The O.C.

As part of Kettle's America season and our segment on American comfort TV, Lauren Wise looks at some hit moments from The O.C.

A brief history of F1 in America

For Kettle's America season F1 Editor Holly Wade takes a brief look at the history of the sport across the pond

August BurnsThe Best of American Music: August Burns Red

For Kettle's America Season, Deputy Editor Kealie Mardell looks at the latest album from American metalcore band, August Burns Red.



American Comfort TV: The Big Bang Theory

As part of Kettle's America season and our segment on American comfort TV, Film Editor Emily Murray looks at the brilliant sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

us TV, friends, kettle mag, American Comfort TV: Friends – The One with a Look Back

As part of Kettle's America season and our segment on American comfort TV, Madiya Altaf looks at everyone's favourite show, Friends.



hollywood style icons, kettle mag, Our Four Favourite Hollywood Style Icons

For our America Season Fashion Editor Rebecca Parker look at the greatest Hollywood movie stars

snapchat, kettle mag

Five questions about Snapchat journalism

As part of Kettle's season on the United States, Alex Veeneman talks to Talya Minsberg of the New York Times on Snapchat and its role in social media journalism.

Kettle magWho is the King of Showmance – America or the UK?

Sex & Relationships Editor Emmi shares her thoughts on who is the champion at creating showmances

Emily Dickinson, kettle mag, My favourite American poets

Kettle writer Chloe on her favourite American poetry.



Serne Williams, kettle mag, 'Serena Slam' places Williams in the tennis greats

As Serena Williams completes another 'Serena Slam', Jessica Wells looks at the reasons why we should be shouting her name from the rooftops.

American Comfort TV: HGTV still ranks as top American viewing

As part of Kettle's America season and our segment on American comfort TV, Alex Veeneman explores why he can't stop watching US network HGTV.


kettle mag, us kids tv, 5 American Kids' TV Shows That Have Never Left Me

TV Editor Alex Goode looks back fondly on her childhood in the States and remembers some of the children's shows she used to love as part of Kettle's season on America.


obama, kettle magNo thanks, Obama: The Pres and the Press

The White House Press are clamouring for more transparency and access, as promised before Obama's election, James Donnelly investigates the President's relationship with the Press.

craft bee, america, kettle mag, The 21 best American craft breweries

Deputy Editor Kealie Mardell shares her favourites from the American microbrewery scene.



lethal injection, death penalty, kettle mag, fiona cartyIs the Death Penalty on its Death Bed?

Fiona Carter looks at the death penalty system in the United States and other countries, as part of Kettle's America Season.


what has american TV taught us, kettle mag, alex goode, 20 Things American TV Taught the Rest of the World

For Kettle's American season TV Editor Alex Goode looks at what American TV has done for us.

moving to the US - kettle magModern day migration; what’s it like to move to the US?

Fiona Carty interviews her friend to find out what moving to the US is like.

word differences, UK, USA, kettle mag, I say potato, you say…crisps? Let's call the whole thing off.

A wry look at the confusion caused by the differences in American and British words and their meanings

letterman, american tv, kettle mag, Meanwhile, in America: A new type of late night TV

As part of Kettle's USA season, Alex Veeneman explores the relevance of late night TV, and the current social media debate on the topic.

Nashville bars & restaurants, kettle mag, alex goode5 Nashville Bars/Restaurants You Must Visit

TV Editor Alex Goode explores her top five favourite spots to eat/drink in Nashville, Tennessee.

American psycho, kettle mag, america seasonMade in the USA: The American Protagonists

Kettle writers reveal their favourite protagonists from American literature.

Gun crime in America and why gun ownership laws will not change despite the number of tragedies

Guns in America. The history of why it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The American history that led to #LoveWins

The American Supreme Court gave a landmark ruling that finally made same-sex marriage legal throughout the country. Here we look at the history of how they got their and the response from those in charge.


What has America ever done for us?

In celebration of Independence Day, and to launch Kettlemag's US season which will celebrate and question all things American, Business Editor Kirstie Keate asks, "What have the Americans ever done for us?"