Harry Potter and the different relationships

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In a twist which has shattered hearts among the Harry Potter fandom, JK Rowling has admitted that she has doubts about the relationship between Ron and Hermione, and said that Hermione wou

In a twist which has shattered hearts among the Harry Potter fandom, JK Rowling has admitted that she has doubts about the relationship between Ron and Hermione, and said that Hermione would have been better paired with her best friend and the series’ protagonist, Harry.

This controversial revelation questions one the most exciting aspects of character development and interaction in the series, and what is arguably one of most loved and supported couples in contemporary fiction.

So, why has Rowling suddenly changed her mind on such an important part of the Harry Potter phenomenon, and is it true that magic could never really have sparked between Ron and Hermione?

Meant to last, or just opposites?

In an interview with Wonderland magazine, Rowling stated that the relationship and eventual marriage between Ron and Hermione was written for ‘very personal reasons’ and as a means of ‘wish fulfilment.’

This is something that any creative writer or bookworm can understand and empathise with—both writing and reading fiction can be a very personal process, as we develop connections with our favourite characters, those with whom we identify and empathise,  and those we admire.

Having already invested her time, creativity, hard work and emotions into five Harry Potter novels, it is completely understandable that Rowling used the final books to play out her personal wishes for her characters, even if there were doubts as to whether it was the ‘right’ relationship or ‘the one that should have been.’  

Even Emma Watson has echoed Rowling’s view that the pair might never really have lasted. These comments have led fans to reconsider the intricate dynamics of the relationships within the ‘Golden Trio,’ and it seems it’s not easy to be certain on where the true romance should have arisen. Indeed, it is certainly possible to see how Ron and Hermione’s relationship can be questioned.

They’re presented in many ways as polar opposites—Hermione as a thoughtful, serious and sensitive intellectual, and Ron as a laid back, ultimately lovely yet sometimes tactless redhead with an occasional temper to match.

An author’s challenge

Their differing personalities, along with their implied competition for Harry’s attention, lead to constant bickering and the occasional heated argument. However, apparently, opposites attract, and it seems that it is precisely the unlikely nature of the relationship, and the characters’ ability to see past their differences, which defines this couple as being so special—a willingness to work at a relationship despite conflicts is, after all, often thought to be the sign of something that will last.

Rowling, however, now has more faith in a romance between Harry and Hermione. It is true to say that they certainly develop a love for each other throughout the series, albeit at platonic one. From the first book, they are best friends, constantly turning to each other for advice and always in awe and admiration of each other’s abilities and personality.

Considering this, it’s certainly plausible that their friendship could have blossomed into something more, and indeed, many readers always expected this to happen. There is, though, the very valid view that Harry and Hermione have too close a friendship to ever enter into a romantic relationship. Everyone likes the idea of best friends falling in love, but in reality, we all know the problems posed by the dreaded friendzone. 

Ultimately, although Rowling’s recently revealed change of heart on Ron and Hermione is controversial and potentially upsetting to fans, it is certainly understandable, and a reader must admire her for having the honesty and courage to challenge her own work.

In any case, it is likely that readers will continue to give unfaltering support to the relationships they’ve backed since the beginning, as is usually the case with such a devoted readership.

What do you think of Rowling’s remarks regarding Hermione’s relationship? Was it the right move? Have your say in the comments section below.