Enhance Your Brainwaves With Green Tea Goodness

It’s 1am in the library.

It’s 1am in the library. You’re like Will, copiously swigging Pro-Plus, and trying to cram the last few hours of revision before an exam, or frantically type a 3,000-word essay due in for the next day. If only you could squeeze out those last few drops of brainpower before you go into total meltdown.

Well students, rejoice! The answer could be here in the form of a crafty new drink designed to help maintain a healthy mind.

Brainwave, a newbie in the emerging functional soft drinks market, contains a powerhouse of natural goodies that have been proven to ‘reduce cognitive degradation’- that means keep a healthy mind to you and I. And a healthy mind means better learning abilities, right?

Brainwave’s meticulously researched cocktail of nutrients could be just what you need to avoid an Inbetweeners’-style breakdown.

Natural Goodness

The drink’s key ingredient is green tea, which is known to improve brain function. In fact, green tea is a bit of a health superstar all round. According to Cancer Research UK, a lovely little substance in those green leaves, known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) boosts the immune system, rids the body of toxins and may even prevent cancer.

The health benefits don’t stop there. Brainwave was initially designed to help reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia in later life. Their scientists have found that the ingredients in the drink have a positive effect on the brain and, if consumed regularly, could ward off brain degradation in the future. So not only could Brainwave help you get killer exam results now, it is safeguarding those squidgy grey cells for the future.

Why Brainwave?

Of course, even consuming a cup of green tea could offer some of these tremendous health benefits and you should definitely consider trading in that Starbucks latte for this more wholesome beverage.

But the problem with the human body is that it sometimes struggles to absorb all the nutrients that superfoods and drinks have to offer. That’s where the scientists at Brainwave come in: they’ve devised a unique combination of natural ingredients, designed to help maximise the absorption of the green tea goodness.

The principle ingredients impacting absorption are L-Theanine, caffeine and citric Acid. L-Theanine calms and focuses the brain, and while the drink contains caffeine, it won’t make you jittery like coffee or Red Bull.

So what else is great about Brainwave? Well, it contains no Aspartame, a nasty artificial sweetener used in diet drinks to keep the calorie count down, yet it is still only 2.5 calories a bottle. Plus it contains extracts of pineapple and mango to make it taste great.

Where Can I Get Some?

Brainwave is available from their website. The drink should be consumed every day for maximum benefits, so it comes in multipacks of 24 or 48.

Next time you’re trapped in the library until silly o’clock, why not try a product that will help you make the most of your time, instead of buying you more hours awake? Because less time spent studying means more time partying and, let’s be honest, that’s what every student wants.

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