Finding the Best Games for Students amidst the Piles of Low-Cost and Free Titles

Written by Nigel Simpkins

While an immensely popular entertainment medium, it’s impossible to deny that gaming as a pastime in its highest form is costly. Whether it be the cost of entry to get the hardware or the ever-increasing price of the latest games, it’s not cheap.

There’s a common misconception that to play the best and most enjoyable games, you need to latest and most expensive devices and releases, with several of the most hyped-up releases proving the opposite. Keeping that in mind, as well as the ways of the student budget, we’ve delved into the piles of low-cost and free games across the platforms to find that games that are worth your time.

It isn’t all just paywalls and base-building on mobile

The mobile app stores are loaded with free games, but the problem with most of them is that to enjoy the game to its fullest, you need to pay up. However, Plants vs. Zombies 2 is quite the opposite, despite its free access. There is a tremendous amount of content that’s readily available for you to work for in-game, featuring comical and strategic gameplay as well as levelling-up to unlock new plants to defend against the brain-hungry zombie invaders.

If you’re an Apple owner, though, you can also gain access to the absolute premium end of mobile gaming for a cheap monthly subscription. You can try the expansive library of Apple Arcade for free, with it then featuring 133 top-class games for you to enjoy. The picks of the bunch as it stands are Spaceland, What the Golf?, Pilgrims, and Oceanhorn 2.

Sneaking in a bit of game time in lectures

There’s always been a faux pas for looking at one’s phone while in lectures or when you’re supposed to be researching. So, the less obvious way to get around this is to have a great PC game on the tab – or just at the ready when you’re at home and have some free time. The vast majority of the biggest PC games are free-to-start, but if you want a massive open-world title with an extensive story, your best bet is Genshin Impact. The free game is incredibly well made and will have you exploring all corners on quests and in search of stuff.

Another popular form of computer gaming, and mobile gaming with the right platforms, has started to become more accessible. Online casino gaming has been a favourite of those who want to test their luck for decades, but of course, the need to pay per play isn’t ideal for many students. So now, brands like Casino Wings have offered a way for students to see what opportunities there are through their welcome offers of 80 free welcome games with them coming without any wagering requirements. The site also guides on several matters as well as various site rankings that are updated frequently.

Consoles may be expensive, but they have several great cheap titles

For something a bit more combative and that makes for a great party game, you can’t go wrong with Gang Beasts. Everyone takes the role of their own little playdough-like avatar in an arena, with the aim being the last one standing. You punch, kick, grab, throw, jump, kick, climb, and team-up to be the last one standing, making for some incredibly fun scraps.

Even on a student budget, and regardless of your platform, you can find a great cheap game to offer you hours of entertainment.