Are Trustly casinos a scam?

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

One of the most common questions regarding online casino sites is whether they are trustworthy or not. These concerns are based on the sites themselves, their protection and encryption, and the third-party software used on the site. Trustly is a key example of this software, as it is a payment method that helps players make payments to the site from their bank accounts. Despite its name, many still need to be reassured about using a service that captures sensitive financial information. So, this will hopefully answer the question: are Trustly casinos a scam, or are they legit?

What is Trustly?

Trustly casinos refer to any casino site that uses Trustly as part of its deposit or withdrawal mechanism. Trustly pride themselves on being reliable and safe as a payment method.

Given how new they are to the market, it would be of particular importance for the company to ensure they retain trustworthiness. As such, each site uses Trustly differently and each site varies their deposit limits with Trustly. You can read more here and see which casinos limit £3,000 and which scale up to £10,000. The variety of uses for Trustly show that it can be used at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to depositing large amounts of money or smaller sums.

Are Trustly Casinos a Scam?


A signifier of trustworthiness is the certification by the official body in the gambling industry. The Gambling Commission, a non-departmental public body responsible for regulating gambling and enforcing the law, only offers accreditation to sites that are deemed trustworthy. So, if a Trustly site comes with a stamp of approval from the Gambling Commission, then they are likely to be reliable and trustworthy.


The safety and security of the site is another key consideration. This includes the SSL encryption in place which provides peace of mind so that the sensitive information input into the site isn’t stolen. Cybercrime is something to be wary of when inputting financial information online and given its prevalence in online-only industries, steps are taken to ensure it doesn’t occur. Social media sites are far more likely to result in cybercrime, however, as they are used to far more participants who aren’t aware that their data can be stolen as many don’t associate social media information with sensitive financial information. Those who are transferring money are likely to be warier.


Analysing the reputation of the site qualitatively can also help answer ‘are Trustly casinos a scam.’ The scam refers more to the practices by the casino site and not about external parties. Customer reviews are a good place to start as they provide an amalgamation of what customers found helpful and good about the site and what they disliked. Though, they should be taken with a grain of salt given how subjective some experiences are. If similar issues are constantly flagged, this will tell users whether the site is to be avoided or not.

Trustly is embracing the new methods of payment that online casino customers are looking for. By introducing a third party into the payment process – especially one who prides itself on being more secure and safe – the customer is given greater peace of mind that they are on a legitimate and reliable site. Customers should do due diligence when it comes to deciding which sites would suit them.