Beat the Lockdown blues with our top five best UK road trips

Lake District
Written by Nigel Simpkins

A year never to be forgotten, the world-wide lockdown struck so many all over the world and while forgetting the hardships and challenges we might have faced during the Corona Virus spread might be tough, there is solace in knowing that the world awaits you when it all settles and the lockdown lifts. What better way to get your skin tingling again and to have something to look forward to than to plan your next road trip in the UK. With so many truly incredible destinations all across the UK, we have narrowed it down to our top five best UK road trips to explore and get you started. 

1 – Cotswolds, Central England

For a memorable weekend away or a getaway escape from the city, we make our way to the Cotswolds where the villages pave the road rich in heritage and the conventional country-side. Running through five counties namely, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire; the rolling green pastures and hills, decorated with golden stone villages, will leave you wanting to stay just a little while longer. Take a stroll through the towns and explore what the rural and rich harvests have to offer with local meats and cheeses to experience. Whether you enjoy the cosy and charming bed and breakfasts or perhaps the more chic and classic boutique hotel stay; there is accommodation for all preferences to revel and relax in as you settle in for a few days. If the country-side air leaves you feeling refreshed and happy, then place a pin on your map to visit the quaint Cotswolds. 

2 – The Atlantic Highway, England

For those who enjoy the salty pleasures of coastline beaches and the taste of fresh seafood, then make sure you add The Atlantic Highway on your road trip route. This scenic trip will connect you from Somerset to Cornwall and via this stretch you will find yourself spoiled with views of the Atlantic Ocean; hence the name The Atlantic Highway. Stop off at one of the beaches to ride a wave or few, bask in the beauty that sets in the horizon or simply grab yourself a good old fish and chips to refuel as you continue on your journey’s adventure. 

3 – Lake District, Northwest England

In the county of Cumbria is the beautiful landscape rich national park of Lake District. If you enjoy spending your days accompanied by lakes, villages, towns and valleys while being spoilt for choice on a variety of different walks and hikes, then Lake District is a must-do and must-see. With so many different activities to do within and around Lake District, this is certainly a destination perfect for anyone such as families and couples. A jam packed trip to Lake District will give you memories to treasure as you get to experience fishing, boating, beautiful scenic hikes or guided walks and so much more. Venturing South of Lake District, you will be embraced with literary attractions which has found the likes of William Wordsworth, John Ruskin and Beatrix Potter; definitely an inspiring destination to add to your road trip. 

4 – Bealach Na Ba, Wester Ross, Scotland

Now although this is a spectacular attraction in the Scottish Highlands, this is more of a “off the beaten track” experience and not recommended for inexperienced drivers or campervan drivers. With no visitor centre or specific facilities around and at this destination, the views are simply breath-taking enough to understand why this made our list. If you are taking your motorhome on the roads to experience as much of the United Kingdom as possible, then making your way to Scotland and the Bealach drive will be an unforgettable experience you will treasure forever. Bealach na Ba, directly translates from Scottish Gaelic into “Pass of the Cattle” as this was originally used for local drovers herding their cattle through the mountains.  Experience the landscapes in all their scenic glory from Wester Ross, Skye and Islands of Rum; your camera will even take a breath at this magnificent view. 

5 – Norfolk, England

With our last top five road trip destinations in the UK, we can assure you this is not the least, as the UK truly is spoilt with some incredible attractions, destinations and drives to experience throughout your road trips. So here we make our way through to East Anglia where Norfolk is nestled and surrounded with gorgeous countryside, approximately 90miles of coastline, nature reserves and fantastic market towns and cultural heritage to enrich your visit. Choose between the seaside and countryside as you spend a long weekend or even longer holiday at the beautiful picturesque Norfolk. See how some of Norfolk’s oldest and most traditional buildings have remained intact but turned into restaurants or antique shops; preserving the timeless heritage that encompasses Norfolk’s towns. Summer is a great time to make your way through to Norfolk as this is where the beach towns and seaside life is bursting with life and favourable weather. 

Throughout many of these beautiful locations, we do recommend to ensure that your vehicle or motorhome is equipped to handle some of the terrains and routes, especially when it comes to some of the more curvy roads and passes and you can easily get all the information you need online and on visitor centre websites and informative articles about the locations you wish to visit. Test out some options for hiring a vehicle such as vans or minibuses or cars to suit your road tripping needs and find affordable options to suit your budget and convenience such as SC Vehicle Hire – where your delivery and collection of your rental vehicle can be done anywhere in the UK mainland. 

So there you have our top five best road trip destinations throughout the UK. Of course, we have not even covered a fraction of all the beautiful and not to miss attractions that the United Kingdom has to offer and we strongly recommend doing your research if you are planning a long road trip. For those who are looking for long weekend getaways, there are so many quaint and exciting places to visit from England and Scotland to Wales and Northern Island. Landscapes upon landscapes and coastlines which stretch out as far as the eye can see; there certainly is a little something for everyone from solo travellers to families or the adventurous groups of friends.