Double points have been pushed aside: what was the point?

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Written by Holly Wade

Double points was the subject of much controversy throughout the 2014 Formula 1 season, ending on 23rd November with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton crowned as the world champion.

F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone made the decision to include double points in the 2014 season in a supposed attempt to make the championship battle last longer and keep audiences gripped on the edge of their seats as each race progressed. But did the double points initiative actually have any effect on anyone?

Throughout 2014, and in fact right from the very first race in Melbourne, the idea of double points being awarded in the final race was criticised by teams, drivers and fans alike. Not only did the new legislation give priority and superiority to the Abu Dhabi race, making it seem like the most important of the Formula 1 sporting calendar, but it also risked giving the championship away to someone who possibly deserved it less. Going into the final race the current championship leader finishing second could quash their title hopes.

In the end the championship battle, dubbed the Duel in the Desert, came down to both Mercedes drivers, Hamilton and team-mate Nico Rosberg. Ultimately Hamilton’s win was in no way affected by double points and without the new addition to the season he would still have reigned supreme over Rosberg. Without the double points idea the championship did indeed come down to the final battle in Abu Dhabi and so ensured the same reaction in the audience that Ecclestone seemed to crave.

After a lot of angry fans tweeting, controversy and negativity towards the awarding of double points it became totally pointless, having no real effect on the championship whatsoever.

And now we’ve heard that it’s extremely likely that double points will not be party to events in 2015 with Bernie, amongst others, taking the decision to ditch it. So what really was the point of all of this? Was it really an attempt for Bernie to try and generate more excitement for the sports loyal fans? Or was he purely just looking for another way to conjure up a media storm? Judging by previous years the latter seems most likely. If double points had decided the title then fan outrage would have been splattered across social media, that’s a certainty.

With the release of the scrapping of double points fans will no doubt be delighted.



Amongst the decisions made during the meeting held to discuss the new 2015 rules it was announced that standing restarts after safety car introductions were not to be brought in whilst no one was able to provide a solid solution for keeping costs under control.

Now that the Formula 1 season has well and truly finished fans must wait to hear news on any further rule outcomes for 2015 before testing begins again in January after the winter break.

And aside from all of this the main news fans await is surely when on earth McLaren will finally make a decision: Jenson Button or Kevin Magnussen?

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