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A guide to dating at university: how to maintain a healthy relationship

Whether you’re a fresh faced singleton or a loved up long-timer, relationships, dating, and university don’t always go hand in hand! With the excitement of making new friends, tagging along to social nights out and, of course, lectures, your personal relationships can sometimes take a back seat in your new whirlwind social life! So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help keep your relationships at university happy and healthy!

Give each other some space

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship that spreads across the country or you’re lucky enough to be dating someone at your university, space is one of the crucial factors in having a happy relationship! 

It’s so easy to fall into the routine of dedicating all your time to your new beloved, however, giving yourself some space and indulging in a little ‘me time’ can work wonders for you both! After all – distance does make the heart grow fonder! 

Make time for each other

University is all about getting the right balance of time dedicated to your studies, your relationship and your friends, and it can get a little difficult juggling all of these at one time. However, you need to remember to make time for your partner, put aside a ‘date night’ and do something to let your special someone know that they’re still a huge part of your life! If you’re long-distance loving, then why not organize a Skype date? Having something to look forward to helps to maintain that ‘first date’ excitement between the two of you.

Get a room

Reconnecting with your girlfriend or boyfriend is of the utmost importance! With university taking up the majority of your time it’s easy to fall into merging time spent with your lover and with your friends. And as much as you want your friends to love your partner just as much as you do, this recoupling needs to be done alone. Take the time to rekindle your emotional and physical bond in the privacy of your own company. Besides, no one likes a public display of other peoples love.

Don’t neglect your friends

Obviously your new girl or guy is going to be a significant figure in your life, but make sure you don’t forget about your fabulous friends as soon as a new love interest comes along. Make sure you maintain your own group of friends and don’t ditch them when a potential admirer pops up; after all they can offer their much appreciated opinions and also relationship advice if you ever need it. You’ll have a much happier and healthier relationship if you keep your friendship group close.

Don’t forget who you are

Juggling many different aspects of university life is a struggle, and you may at times feel like you’re pulled in many different directions and unable to please everyone. However, step back and remember what you’re in this for. Don’t forget that you have to keep yourself happy in order for your relationship to fall into place. Don’t neglect your interests and hobbies to keep others happy – having your own individual interests outside of your relationship can help to keep it fresh. Don’t forget who you were before you entered into your relationship, after all that person was the one who managed to bag a new love!.

Have fun

Relationships and dating are all about having fun with those that you love; yet unfortunately with the added stresses that university life brings, it’s very easy to lose sight of the reasons that you’re in them. Whether you play it cool or come on strong, remember to have fun, if you’re having a good time – you’re probably doing something right!


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