Cabaret Roulette: Science: A must see show

Well it’s safe to say I lost my Cabaret virginity at Madam Jojo’s in London.

Well it’s safe to say I lost my Cabaret virginity at Madam Jojo’s in London. New to the Cabaret Roulette scene, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was letting myself in for but oh boy was I in for a night of entertainment.

The way that Cabaret Roulette works is that the public vote via Facebook for a theme they would like to see their favourite cabaret act perform by and the next theme is announced at the end the show. Science was the theme to erupt onto the stage last night, in some cases quite literally, particularly so with Bendy Bendini.

His contortions freaked me out (in a good way) at his attempt to create a classic school volcano project whilst bending himself into positions that I didn’t even realise existed.

Eye-catching and intriguing

Trixi Tassels was another act to bedazzle me with the science behind the sexual mating ritual, her burlesque act mixed with those killer curves was really impressive. The way it was choreographed as a 1950s style theme appealed to the cabaret audience, bringing a feel of playfulness to the stage.

Continuing the theme of playfulness, Vanity Von Glow recently completed her degree in masculine biology and gave us a lecture like no other to prove this. Her cover version of DNA was A+ although it took me a while to realise what cover she was doing as she really made it her own – after doing a plagiarism analysis there were no signs of copying from another pupils work.  

Bettise Bon Bon (Bump n’ Grind) former Folly Mixture girl took us to the moon and back with her scientific exploration of the stars above, using music that was fitting to the theme her performance was out of this world (if you pardon the pun)!

Now, you should know by now that I am a big fan of Frisky and Mannish, so when I heard that Mannish was going to be a part of the Cabaret Roulette I quickly memorised the periodic table (just to be on the safe side).

More to come

Alas I didn’t revise enough, so thankfully Mr Mannish was there at Madam Jojo’s to fill me in and I certainly paid attention to what he had to say unlike the science teachers at school.

Joe Morose did a fabulous job of comparing  the performance, described as the love child of Einstein and Liza Minnelli looked like an over grown Artful Dodger gone wrong. He vowed to teach us something but only in exchange for gin and glitter. Someone must have bought him some bubbly wine as after that he really aroused the audience with his dark and twisted thoughts.

At the end of the show it was voted via the audience and Facebook group that six cabaret artists and a compere are to base their performance around the theme of Cabaret Roulette: Guilty Pleasures. The show is going to be on performed at Madam Jojo’s on the 9th of April. 

It’s safe to say that after the show had finished my eyes were full of sequins and I was literally covered in glitter—just as a cabaret evening should be. 

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