Album Review: Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People

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Written by LJayne26

Back with his sixth studio album, Positive Songs For Negative People, punk-folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner shows no sign of slowing down. One of the hardest working people in music, racking up over 1700 shows in the last 11 years, Turner is still as passionate as ever.

Positive Songs For Negative People follows the 2013 angst-ridden Tape Deck Heart but this time the outlook, as the title would suggest, is much more positive. The rainbow after the storm. For long-time Frank Turner fans there will be no disappointment, with the album encompassing a perfect mixture of folk, rock and meaningful lyrics. 

As a whole the album is jam-packed with catchy sing-a-long lyrics and guitar riffs as well as softer folk sounds. ‘Get Better’ and ‘Demons’ instantly grab you and it’s easy to imagine them as great live anthems, whilst ‘Love Forty Down’ and ‘The Opening Act Of Spring’ are summery folk delights.

‘The Next Storm’, one of the early singles from the album, and ‘Glorious You’ stand out as the ultimate ‘things haven’t been great but you’ll get through’ songs. The lyrics give a sense of hope and instantly provide a connection that everyone can relate to. The rough-around-the-edge vocals and punchy guitar sounds bring an honest and real passion to the songs, creating a much stronger connection.

‘A Song For Josh’ is one of the most heartfelt songs out there right now. The song was written for a friend of Frank’s who sadly committed suicide and the song reflects a real sense of sincerity and deep emotion. It’s difficult to not be moved by it and it provides a very poignant conclusion to the album.

Overall the album is a complete success and one that for many people could come at just the right time. It captures your attention and emotions is so many ways and pulls at all the right emotional strings. A perfect sense of hope and empowerment. 

Frank Turner heads out on tour with his band, The Sleeping Souls, later this year. Tickets are now on sale. You can also check out our interview with Frank Turner himself here! 

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