Fandoms that come with high price tags.

Written by C Wolsey

Being a casual music listener doesn’t require much. With free WiFi and access to streaming sites, you are just a few scrolls and clicks away from your favorite artists’ songs. But when it comes to being a dedicated follower, you might want to know that fandoms come with high price tags. They say, “put your money where your mouth is.”  With this article, you’ll know just what it takes to put your money where your fan love lies. 


According to Betway’s study, being a diehard fan of hip-hop artists is no cheap stuff, with Drake significantly taking the lead as the most expensive artist to be a fan of. In the last five years, it costs an average superfan a total of £13,042.17 to keep up with all 31 UK shows and the purchase of Drake’s standard merchandise. 

From his debut album Thank me later,” the Canadian-born hip-hop superstar has enjoyed back-to-back success and even released a new album in June 2022. You’ll enjoy tracks like Sticky and Falling back for  £0.71 per track or £9.99 for Drake’s new album, “Honestly, Nevermind.”

Ed Sheeran

Second behind Drake, but also top on the table of the most expensive pop icon to be a superfan of is Ed Sheeran. Ed and his heart-melting lyrics have wormed his way into the heart of millions around the world, costing an average superfan £9,191.92 to follow him. With 115 shows performed in the UK in the last five years, £9,067.75 takes up ticket cost alone (at £78.85 for his cheapest resale tickets). The rest are expenses on standard merchandise, album purchase, etc. Ed is known to love his fans just as much his fans love him, and he shows it by spending more time on tour, which allows his followers to pay less per ticket to see his live shows.


From the R&B genre, sensational British singer and songwriter Adele is the most expensive artiste to be part of her fandom. According to data from a Betway study, Adele’s cheapest resale ticket is one of the most expensive at £548.63. With only seven live shows performed in the UK in the last five years, members of her fandom still have to cough out a bank-breaking  £3,840.41 to see all shows.

If you add the cost of her recent album (£16.56), average merchandise that costs around £16.56, you’d be spending  £4,424.58 on everything Adele. Just thinking out loud, if Adele was a show monster like Ed, who performed over 115 UK live shows in the last five years, her super fans would have to break more than a few banks to show their fan love.


If you are a hard-rock music lover, Metallica tops the list of artists to follow from the hard-rock or heavy-metal genre. If you have ever heard of  Thrash Metal, a subgenre of heavy metal, Metallica is credited as one of its founders. Betway reveals that a Metallica superfan spent around £2719.36 in the last five years to attend all of Metallica’s 24 UK shows. The cheapest resale ticket costs around £107.07, bringing the expense on tickets alone to around £2,569.68, while the rest covers merchandise and other things Metallica.