Bathing in Beer: the Beer Spa Experience

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Written by JWessels

Beer is one of the world’s most popular beverages, but have you ever thought about relaxing in a warm beer bath?  The idea may sound odd but in the last few years Beer Spas have grown in popularity on the continent and can be found in cities such as Berlin, Prague and Vienna.  The health benefits are said to be extensive and in this day and age many are trying to find alternative solutions and treatments for their problems.

Don’t run off down your local just yet

At the spa you do not bathe in beer as you would find it from a bottle; instead you can soak in brewer’s yeast, hops and malt which are mixed together in front of you and then added with beer to a bath. If you suffer from dry or spotty skin, the brewer’s yeast is said to open your skin pores and detox your body, leading to a feeling of rejuvenation. The Vitamin B found in the brewer’s yeast is also believed to be good for the digestive system and even arthritis. A more acceptable claim is that of stress relief – who wouldn’t be able to forget at least some of their worries when surrounded by so much beer? 

However, despite the scepticism and suspicion that will arise from all the supposed numerous health benefits, a 2014 article in The Telegraph highlighted a Finnish study from 1998 which discovered that consuming one bottle of beer a day reduced the risk of developing kidney stones by 40% amongst the men involved.  Whilst this relates to actually drinking beer, the researchers into the study attributed the decrease to the calcium in the hops strengthening the bones; these same hops are found at the Beer Spas. Perhaps the health benefits should not instantly be dismissed as far-fetched and should be viewed more seriously.

My experience

I was lucky enough to share in the Beer Spa experience whilst in Prague this Easter. My whirlpool bath was delightfully warm and the aroma of the hops added to the authenticity. After a long day walking around the city, my legs were screaming out for some lying down time and the bath was an absolute treat; the aches and pains completely subsided. This was followed by some further relaxation on a bed of straw by a fireplace with beer in hand and some beer bread.  Whilst I do not suffer from any illnesses such as arthritis and cannot vouch for the validity in that respect, my skin was silky smooth, my muscles were relaxed and I didn’t have a worry in the World.  Is there one word for the experience? 


Some may call the Beer Spas a gimmick, but gimmick or not, I would still visit them again and again, just for that wonderful feeling of complete rejuvenation.  Dismissing the experience without trying it first-hand is unreasonable and rather ill-considered.  Therefore, I urge critics to book themselves in for a visit.