Immortalized: Disturbed’s new comeback album

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Written by Franny

After a long hiatus Disturbed are back with a smashing new album, Immortalized. The band took a break in 2011 to work on different things. In an interview with SiriusXM Draiman said, “When you fall into the rut of make a record, tour, make a record, tour – that predictability can breed stagnation and a little bit of sterility,” he explained. “People know they can get a record from you ever other year and can see you tour every other year. It’s not an event. It’s something that just happens. And for us, we were feeling a little burnt out. We were feeling like we wanted to stop the assembly line-like nature of things and pull ourselves away for a while, get to be human beings for a little bit.”




The Vengeful One

About a month ago they released the first single, ‘The Vengeful One,’ and it was clear from the start that The Guy was back, more pissed off than ever. The crude and gory images show that his resumed battle against everything that is wrong with our society is only the beginning.

Into the depths of our beings

As the saying “new year, new life” seems quite appropriate for this situation, Disturbed fans were given the chance to stream the new record prior to its release. Draiman’s deep voice once again strikes right down to our cores, and the guitar solos and drum beats make us realise we have longed for this band to entertain us again. Songs like ‘You’re Mine’ and ‘Save Our Last Goodbye’ reach deep into our feelings, like we are experiencing the need and the sorrow of these lyrics first-hand. ‘Immortalized’ and ‘The Vengeful One’ give us the right kick and motivation that only Disturbed can deliver. Personally, though, what impressed me the most was their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence.’ We all know how successful covers by Disturbed have beenfrom Metallica, to Genesis, to Faith No Morebut Draiman’s performance of this song was surprisingly powerful and outstanding. Although, in truth, there is nothing much to be surprised about since Draiman’s unique voice is very much capable of enrapturing millions of people all over the world with its deep tones.

This comeback hints at a lot of things in store for Disturbed, and we can only hope they’re going to be as earth-shattering as The Guy leads us to believe.

You can purchase Immortalized via iTunes or Amazon.

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