7 simple ways to keep your home allergen free

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Imagine this scenario: The last few months have been trying for you.  You have battled multiple problems. The challenges involve common allergens at home.  The constant coughs face and nose pains persist despite your best efforts to keep them away. Regular cleaning and constant check-ups don’t seem to bear fruit. People who prefer renting in glasgow city will likely face some of these situations.

Interestingly, a respected journal, ‘the Guide to Pollen in Southern California,’ gives some good suggestions on how to deal with this menace. According to this respected authority, some allergy can result from pollen derived from weeds, trees, and grasses around the home. The pollen is usually carried by wind, insects or animals to aid fertilization in plants.

Happily, you are not powerless in this war against allergens. Here are 7 tips that will help to keep allergens away from home. As you will quickly find, proper cleaning strategies are vital to this remedy.

1. Limit pollen from outside

Always ensure you keep the windows closed. In case you have to air-condition at home, make sure no pollen gets blown inside. Always take off the shoes at your doorstep. Place a doormat strategically for wiping feet.

2. Keep inside temperatures cool

If you do this, you significantly prevent humidity. Do not forget that humidity gives the perfect environment for mold and dust mites to thrive.

3. Wash and Cover Pillows:

Dust mites love your pillows as much as you like them. To many, this is a horrifying reality check. As time goes, your pillows and mattresses are likely to get heavier. Why? Due to dust mites and droppings. To solve this, buy washable pillowcase covers. These should also be the kind that can be dusted.

4. Keep your mattresses and bed spotless clean

It is crucial to clean the dust cover thoroughly. This should be done every 3 to 4 weeks. Remember, you cannot do without the dust cover. Do not create a nest for dust mites. Also, clean the bed frame and headboard. This is vital if they are covered in fabric.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner

Not all vacuum cleaners are perfect. You can always use a bag-less vacuum filter to keep allergens away. In order to find the vacuum cleaner to keep your home allergen free and clean, check out this mini vacuum review that will help you to choose the perfect one for your needs.​

6. Smart Dusting

Dust and mold particles are common allergens. Ensure you clean the house regularly. Take care not to pour the dust back in areas already done. Adequately clean curtains, blinds and ceiling fans to rebuff allergens.

7. Clean Filters

It’s crucial to clean filters that are found in air-conditioning units or central heating. Ensure you use appropriate tools. Ensure installed filters exist as stand-alone units.  They may also be placed in the central heating or airing system.


Dealing with allergens is a challenge that many city residents the world over face.  Try the seven simple steps above to clean your home effectively. The tried, tested and proven remedy certainly works for people renting in Glasgow as well. If done well, you will permanently keep allergens away from your home.