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5 top tips for achieving the perfect pumpkin soup

Written by ellieffion3

We have said goodbye to summer thus meaning salad season is over. Whilst we might all be missing the long nights and warm mornings, it is time to embrace soup season and everything it has to offer us – the cosy nights, the golden leaves and the warmth of a bowl of soup. Pumpkin has a sweet flavour. It makes a delicious creamy bowl of soup but here are 5 tips to make your next batch even better.

1. Add some lentils for a bit of bite

A smooth bowl of soup cannot be beaten, but sometimes you don't feel full when you've eaten that last spoonful. Adding lentils or barley is a great way of adding a bit of bite to the soup as well as making it more filling. The lentils will provide a rich nutty flavour as well as providing lots of fibre. The humble lentil will provide flavour, fibre and fullness. 

2. Add pumpkin seeds or toasted sweetcorn

Whilst most soups use the flesh of the pumpkin, the seeds usually get discarded and thrown in the bin. It's easy to throw them on a baking tray, add a few glugs of olive oil and roast them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees. When your soup is ready, add a few pumpkin seeds on top and they'll add a good crunchy texture. Alternatively, toast some sweetcorn kernels and add them in at the end.

3. Make your own stock

Whilst this might be a bit time consuming, it's definitely worth the effort. Next time you have some leftovers whether it's chicken bones or some leftover vegetables, put them in a pan with cold water. The more flavours you add the better so you can put garlic, celery and carrots in for more flavour. When ready, store it in the fridge and use as you need it. It'll provide the soup with an even richer flavour.

4. Make it oriental

It's important to learn to love winter, whether that's investing in some cashmere jumpers or heading out for some long walks. However, if you just can't stop dreaming about your next holiday then try making your pumpkin soup oriental. BBC Good Food suggest adding some lemongrass and coconut milk to the soup. It might not be the same as being in Asia but it's the next best thing. 

5. Add some spice

A bowl of pumpkin soup is delicious and warming, but sometimes by the end, you're longing for another flavour to join the bowl. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then try adding a cinnamon stick and some ground nutmeg to your soup. The flavour will be warmer and slightly spicy.