5 most important tips for UK students after quarantine

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

COVID-19 is real and it has affected people from all backgrounds with diverse demographics. The disease does not discriminate, so everyone should be very cautious. That is why different governments all around the world initiated lockdown protocol in their respective jurisdictions.

The quarantine restrictions are gradually easing at a global stage now, and students might return to their normal routines again. What does this mean for them? Here are five very important for UK students after quarantine.

Resuming back to study groups

Undoubtedly, quarantine has affected your studies somehow and regardless of the extent of the damage, you should do some damage control. Thus, many students might be keen on resuming their study groups and have an even more aggressive approach.

Great precaution should be taken in this case because it might gradually wander off to be a social club and distancing as well as no-contact rules can be disregarded. Within the first critical weeks or even months, consider meeting as a study group on video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype. Remember that the virus is not gone, only quarantine restrictions are, you wouldn’t like to be part of the second wave patients.

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Going back to campus

Integrating yourself back to the campus environment will also be quite a challenge depending on the precautions set in place by the headmaster. Some of the precautions may seem unnecessary and a waste of time but do not make the mistake of ignoring them or trying to bypass any precaution.

Remember, each precaution was set in place for a reason and should be abided to as long as it still stands. The curriculum may be impacted to a certain degree by what happened during quarantine and the need for economic revival. So the studies may begin including e-commerce in education and other subjects involving online marketing because that is something that kept things going even during the lockdown.

Keep learning material sanitary

There are some learning materials that are shared by various students in a class or different classes in the same curriculum. For example, microscopes and other specialized expensive learning material. In this case, you should take precautions by having a sanitizing wipe to clean it before and after use.

Wipe down any learning material that you have borrowed from other students because it might be transporting the virus. Although the school might have its arrangement of sanitizing equipment, you should also have your backup just in case.

Students should not let their guard down even after quarantine because the virus might have a deadly second wave.

Maintain a healthy schedule

After quarantine, there might seem like there are a lot of more hobbies and activities to pursue instead of just working out. Do not give up on your workout schedule because physical fitness is important to keep the immune system in shape. Therefore, you will be able to combat the disease much better when you’re working out and eating healthily.

Also, do not neglect your mental health, so stay in touch with friends and family and visit those you can see. When visiting, ensure that no governmental recommendations or suggestions are disregarded. Instead, sanitize, keep social distancing, and have a no-contact conversation.

Taking necessary precaution when traveling abroad

Some of your studies may require you to travel abroad and although a lot of people might fret this idea, it has great potential for being safe when done right. Students should prepare in advance and plan their itinerary very carefully.

That includes the airliner they will use. It should have proactive measures to prevent the spread of this virus.

When traveling, they should take all necessary precautions such as frequently sanitizing their hands and wearing a mask at all times when in public spaces. Students should screen and test themselves before traveling anywhere and the same procedure must be followed when returning.

The bottom line

Nobody knows for sure if the virus is gone for good or if it might return for a second wave. Therefore, students should take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 viral infection. Do not take this matter lightly but ensure that you cooperate with government laws and restrictions. Also, cooperate with the direction and precautions implemented by your campus.

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