Why on earth do we all want to be famous?

Being famous…. but why do we all want it so bad? It seems as though this job does not come with the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, but funnily enough it does.

Being famous…. but why do we all want it so bad? It seems as though this job does not come with the ups and downs, the highs and the lows, but funnily enough it does. It’s a job like no other, being in the public eye, magazines, TV, newspapers, with everybody knowing what’s going on in your personal life and not focusing on your talent that made you famous in the first place. Could it be the glitz and the glam that we are really attracted to, having a PA. Make-up artist, and fashion stylist, is that what we really want? Or is it the money that excites us, and has us keen at every opportunity to become famous, whatever it is, its working guess!

We can look at how shows like X-factor and Big brother begin to create general people like ourselves into manufactured celebrities. This is done through giving the winning contestant large amounts of money to begin to develop their career. For example Alexandra Burke a Londoner, applied for the reality TV contest twice and on the second occasion got through, week in week out she showed the panellists how much she wanted it, her passion for singing then showed evidence that she was born a star. She knew her purpose as to why she applied for the X-factor and was out to get what was hers. Second time around in 2008-she won X-factor. Through her we are able to see the determination for young people to apply themselves and be what they want to be. No matter what stepping stone they are given, they are reaching out.

In addition to this, not only the winner stands a chance of becoming a celebrity, some contestants are boosted up even if they cannot sing, where they are given TV commercials and presenting work, to allow them to progress further.

As young people we have got to set our ambitions high and reach for our dream goal. With the way social media has flourished and taken over, we need to go out there and get what we want out of life. We tend to think that one day we are going to spontaneously become famous just because of how the media portray the celebrity culture and how they foist it on us. Seeing that the media is all around us, it is very hard to avoid so; we are hooked on all the latest celebrity stories as they drop. It often makes us feel and wonder what life would be like if we were famous, on TV, or even if we had our own reality show, it can be seen as sad but it’s true, nobody wants to be doctors or teachers anymore, we all want to be the next Cheryl Cole or Rihanna.

The media’s portrayal of celebrities allows us to believe that our lives could be a tad better than we think it is. We tend to wish ‘if we could easily have all the attention and limelight that celebrities are given’. We also put ourselves in their shoes and begin to imagine what we would do if we had all the money that celebrities are known to have, the things we would buy and the kind of house that we would live in. By seeing things differently that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and maybe the life we are living as non famous citizens is the right life for us.

Today celebrities are featured in the press for whatever they do; it could be good or bad. This is from the likes of: being married for a number of days, to spending a number of hours in prison, or even wearing real meat to an awards show, anything outrageous that celebrities do will get the public talking 

This is just one part of the business, there are a lot of different angles as to what makes a celebrity, and truthfully anyone can be a celebrity, but not everyone can be a good quality celebrity. It takes those special and flamboyant individuals to impress the crowd, once you have managed that task you can believe you are on the right path, of becoming unique and adventurous.

We tend to miss out the cons of what being famous comes with, and that is fairly obvious when we look at artists like Amy Winehouse and the legend Michael Jackson, -where both musicians got so addicted to drugs and alcohol that it took their life. These are deep impacts which being in the celebrity public eye could lead to, like with any job, there are always routes that you decide to take, but it’s arguable that if these two iconic artists were not famous, perhaps maybe they would be alive today, as they would of not needed to draw close to something which they felt they needed to survive and keep them going.

So young people recollect your thoughts and really think about WHO and WHAT you want to be.