Why dogs should win the Cats vs. Dogs battle

Normally, I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet.

Normally, I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet. When faced with questions of where to go out for tea, or which film to see at the cinema, I spend hours pondering, weighing up the options. However when it comes down to the vital matter of preference over cats or dogs, I can jump to the conclusion within a split second—DOGS!

From a young age, I was scared of both cats and dogs. When I spotted a dog with its owner walking towards me, I used to cross the road to the other side in fear. Funnily enough, whenever I saw a cat jump out of the bushes, they had a tendency to follow me, forcing me to quicken up my speed into a slight trot. As I grew older, my feelings grew warmer towards dogs, particularly ones that were much smaller than me. There’s just something about dogs that I find intriguing, in finding them funny creatures, my fear soon vanished. For years I pleaded with my mother for us to have a pet dog but she wouldn’t have it. “They smell,” she would proclaim.

6 years ago, my father left our family home and understandably, my mother, my sister and I found it very difficult. My mother has always tried her best in bringing us up. I think she even read into certain things for reassurance of what she can do. After reading articles and having friends suggest to her, a common theme arose of considering getting a family pet that we can all love and find comfort in. In a way, a slight therapy for us all, with it actually being scientifically proven that stroking a pet does reduce stress levels.

After her accepting our unbearable desire for a fluffy little pooch, mother granted our wish!

The reasons why I undoubtedly asked for a pet dog over a cat are simple. In regards to my mum’s worry of smell, you know where your dog has been. Cats ditch you whenever they feel like it and roam the streets, stereotypically rummaging bins and bringing back a delightful present of a dead mouse that you find under your bed a week later.

Along with caring for a dog comes ‘walkies.’ Some may find this as a chore, but I personally love walking my dog. Long countryside walks are so relaxing, plus great exercise and fresh air for both you and the dog, thus it can be argued dogs are the healthier option.

Dogs are unquestionably the most loyal pets of all. There is no other greeting like the greeting from a dog. Even when my mum nips out to put something in the recycling bin, leaving the house for approximately 30 seconds, Diesel (my dog) never fails to provide the warm welcome she deserves on her return, wagging his tail with excitement.

With my mum living alone at home, Diesel brings me reassurance that she has company around the house. Dogs give great protection as every dog makes a brilliant guard dog, always alerting the family when he thinks it’s appropriate. I must admit, this is annoying at 7am when I’m attempting to have a lie in, but it is the thought that counts. Our best interests are at heart.

Last but not least, dogs ooze with character and personality. Sometimes I think they are just like humans. On numerous occasions we have experienced Diesel’s beautifully cunning traits—finding yoghurt pots and ripping them to shreds all over the carpet, taking drying underwear from the radiator and claiming them as his own, barking at the TV when a sheep appears, yet he will then snuggle up to us on the sofa to make a perfect hot water bottle.

I rest my case—a dog is everyone’s best friend.

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