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What Reg the Duck taught me about Twitter Part 2

I’d like to introduce you to some of the pointless and shameless tricks I came across while trying to boost Reg’s followers.

I’d like to introduce you to some of the pointless and shameless tricks I came across while trying to boost Reg’s followers. As soon as Reg went live, I rifled through Twitter land for the people who will get Reg where he wants to be, and he retweeted nonsense to his heart’s content.

There was a fairly endless list of users who appeared at the search of ‘follow back’ so Reg followed all of them, naturally (particularly the weird foreign ones).

A whole load of accounts seemed to be dedicated to Justin Bieber in some way or another. Was this a handy tool to pick up followers?

I assumed this must be true so I littered Reg’s bio with the most popular hashtags and most fan girl worthy celebrities I could think of – #ONEDIRECTION, #INSTAGRAM and #AMANDABYNES to name a few.

After a few days of watching Reg’s followers slowly bubble up, it was time for some new tactics. While the aggressive follow back technique was obviously working, it was not getting results as quick as I desired. Not only had I probably incurred some sort of repetitive strain injury, but clicking the follow icon over and over again was pretty damn tedious. I also received an error message from Twitter that I wasn’t “allowed to follow anyone else right now.”

Buzz-killington much?

So, Reg had to start doing some tweeting himself. Some were better thought out than others, admittedly.

Perhaps they had to be more engaging?

Reconsidering this tweet, I went along the route that many of my followees seemed to participate in and Reg is started a follow train. What’s a follow train? Well, I think how it works is one person tweets some gibberish about following everyone that retweets or whatever.

So, Reg followed suit, including some of the popular hashtags I had seen lying around.

Unfortunately, nobody retweeted it except this guy.

Never mind! Onwards and upwards. It was time for Reg’s twitter trains to get steadily more aggressive.

Brushing off his feathers, Reg launched straight into new tactics. Tweeting celebs! All it takes is a few shout outs from the rich and famous, and apparently this makes you 100 times more interesting and followable to everybody.

It might be hard though, as nobody really cares about ducks.

Others aren’t so well structured, I apologise. There’s only so much to say from a duck’s perspective.

Not forgetting the mighty J-Biebs, Reg jumped on the Belieber bandwagon and furiously tweeted some hilarious jokes at him.

In Part 3, I’ll delve further into the various characters Reg discovered in his journey. He’s at a cool 1500 followers right now so I’ll strive to get it up in the meantime.

Until then, there’s always this.

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Image: mkhmarketing / Flickr